Cancer Horoscope for November 2023

Posted on October 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

You are currently drawn to the inside Cancer, although in a way that is productive of future evolutionary change. Surprises are definitely involved, along with unexpected revelations. Your work in the world may take on greater scope than you had foreseen, concerning how what you do impacts the world around you. There could be a way that you have neglected your full truth, known perhaps only to yourself, deep inside; this amidst the growing realization that you can feel the actual right way to go about your everyday concerns as though they were all individually sacred. Another important lesson of this month could be that intuition plays a far greater role than you may have previously thought. Partners are important to you in navigating your complex way forward, and in helping you to make significant alterations to your beliefs and worldview that unlock the doors of your future self. The Scorpio New Moon of Monday, the 13th, highlights your creativity and further illuminates the plethora of ideas and goals swirling around you in this potent time. These also remind you that what you do out in the world, if you do it right, empowers others as well as yourself.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at

November finds you mid-way through the Libra lunation cycle initiated in your sphere of home, belonging, and family, by the solar eclipse from mid-October that kicked it off. You are in some ways making a fresh start in your domestic scene, which could involve revelations involving your family of origin. In another sense nothing is entirely new, but part of a process that includes all the stories of your past. You also emerge into the present month off the back of the Taurus Full Moon that pointed to the influence of your community, friendships, and long-term dreams within this process. As both lunations were also eclipses, the further evolution of these topics relates to larger cycles that will play out over the next six months.

Emphasis on the Scorpio-Taurus axis, corresponding to your creative and social spheres, continues up to November’s first weekend, under an opposition from the Sun in Scorpio to Jupiter in Taurus from the 1st to the 3rd.

From the 3rd to the 4th Mercury's opposition to Uranus in Taurus adds to this focus. These transits may offer an emerging sense of faith in shared connection and collaborations or a new vision of the future after a period of emotional and relational intensity, possibly related to significant loss, change, or a difficult confrontation with the truth.

Themes emerging within your Pisces sector of life philosophies, foreign lands, and education are also on the table, announced by an opposition from Venus in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces from the beginning of the month until the 4th. This transit could bring up differences in values or belief systems, particularly among friendships, siblings, and other familial relationships. However, it also offers a sense of redemption—be it a higher truth, a teacher, or the expansive potential of an overseas adventure; let yourself be uplifted by what feels inspiring.

Venus in cerebral Virgo combined with Saturn in Pisces stationing to direct motion on the 4th – emphasizing Saturnian caution, limitation, and commitment – suggest a process of psychological and spiritual healing or maturation through learning. With your spheres of communication and worldview lit up, perhaps you might consider how you engage with media and the internet. While a sense of helplessness connected to the global situation and collective grief can feel overwhelming, these transits speak to the value of kindness and tangible acts of care that honor your ethics. While you can only reach others in a limited way, your attitude still makes a difference.

On the 8th, Venus enters her home sign of Libra, bringing blessings to your sphere of roots and family as she does so. This ingress could arrive as a positive factor with an emerging sense of harmony or reprieve related to what was seeded at the recent Libra New Moon eclipse. A trine from Venus to Pluto in Capricorn in the days immediately surrounding the 8th could reference ongoing metamorphosis in your one-on-one partnerships. When you can release attachment to a particular dysfunctional relational dynamic, you might be rewarded with a sense of peace and connection at your foundations.

On the next day, Mercury's entrance into Sagittarius announces an emerging focus on your sphere of habits, health, and everyday responsibilities. The ingress may buoy your mindset or sense of meaning within your mundane realms of work and service, particularly after the 10th as it leaves the activation range of a square to Saturn. Mercury's encounter with Saturn takes place along with its sextile to Pluto, pointing to the connection between confronting and articulating uncomfortable truths and authentic desires in partnerships and your mental and physical wellbeing. Perhaps it is time to reconsider certain habituated beliefs and behaviors as you mature and your knowledge expands.

The Scorpio New Moon arrives on the 13th in your creativity sector, making for a fresh start in that area. The presence in the New Moon configuration of Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon, with all three celestial bodies opposing Uranus in Taurus, represents a highly-charged or volatile thirty-day cycle related to self-expression, romance, and children. This lunation could unleash significant creative power and potency and also may require the courage to rebel against socialized conditioning or let go of associations or groups that have kept you stuck in the past. Following your gut inclinations and passions may give rise to enlivening new life goals and connections that offer depth over drama.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, closely followed by Mars on the 24th. Both planets meet Saturn by square as they make their entrance, again connecting your Pisces sphere with your daily work and health. While encounters with Saturn can be experienced as delays and sobering reality checks, particularly for planets propelled by the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, these transits point to the hard-earned Saturnian gifts of mastery and wisdom. Long-term health and vitality or pursuing a path of purpose may require sustained work and self-discipline. Keeping one eye on your big dreams, consider small adjustments that support your health and a feeling of expansiveness in daily life, such as a regular meditation practice, exercise – Sagittarius rules the legs, after all – or personal study.

These transits occur in tandem with an opposition between Venus in Libra and Chiron in Aries, active from the 21st to the 22nd. This brings in the influence of your career and home spheres, possibly illuminating the role of internalized pain linked to your public image, authority figures, or uncertainty related to your calling in the world. While potentially uncomfortable or even painful, friction or difficulty may offer necessary fuel for growth and action, particularly with Mars-ruled Aries corresponding to your vocational sector; and because the North Lunar Node is also present in Aries for the next year and a half.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th illuminates the role of your subconscious and how it filters your lens of reality within the cycle initiated two weeks earlier at the Scorpio New Moon. Squares from Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius to Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, respectively, offer the wisdom of taking a more philosophical, less subjective perspective. While you might feel revved up and ready to act, Mars' aspect to Saturn calls for patience to let more fully formed understanding and ideas emerge with time. Taking space around this date for inner inquiry and rest may yield spiritual or psychological insight and inspire your creative practice.