Leo Horoscope for November 2023

Posted on October 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

You are moving through some difficult but rewarding inner territory lately, Leo. The suggestion is that you go with it. If you are feeling some constraints these days, affecting your career plans and commitments, these too could be part of a larger picture taking place, perhaps the impetus for taking your internal shifts more seriously. Your moral compass which is uniquely your own is deeply involved in this, reflecting changes in beliefs and worldview brought about by painful realizations from last month that you are still processing. You are transforming from the inside out, affecting your relationship connections and the way that your understanding of the world around you contributes to your game plan. Your current mantra might be that your truth will become known and will make you free, if only you will let it. The mid-month New Moon of November 13th is powerful for you, and takes you further along the arc of your evolutionary path. You are in the midst of a thoughtful inquiry regarding where your outer world commitments might be leading, as consistent with your internal principles and values. There are so many idea and options swirling around you, and yet not all will prove viable – so that discernment is required.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

November begins for you astrologically halfway through the lunation cycle that was initiated by the Libra solar eclipse from October 14th, therefore related to your sphere of the mind, learning, and curiosity. This story continues to evolve through the first two weeks of November, which includes its influence on your career, ambitions, and public image, as indicated by the Taurus Full Moon eclipse four days before the month’s first day. You are thinking your way through, and there are plentiful choices to be made in your vocational arena over the course of the entire month. You might be dizzy with possibilities, and also with the obligation to choose between them. As both these lunations from last month were eclipses, their emotional resonance and influence are amplified in cycles that will continue to play out over the next six months.

Instability connected to change and endings in your vocational realm may extend this month, which begins under an opposition from the Sun in Scorpio to Jupiter in Taurus. Mercury's opposition to Uranus in Taurus from the 3rd to the 4th adds to this focus. As the incoherence or emotional deluge unleashed by the eclipses recedes, these transits may arrive with an emerging new perspective or sense of progress and expansion within your professional sphere that is connected to your sense of belonging, home life, and family.

An opposition from Venus in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces from the beginning of the month until the 4th also points to the ongoing influence of your Pisces sphere, governing topics related to joint resources, personal transformation, and intimacy. With Virgo ruling your sector of personal resources, skills, and self-confidence, this suggests an increasing belief in your ability to earn money from your gifts, which you may tend to take a hyper-critical eye to. Considering Venus' wild ride since the beginning of its retrograde through your sign in July, as well as its rulership of both eclipses last month, this transit may reflect an ongoing confusion related to intimate relationships or your material situation as you integrate highly personal changes in your values and what you feel attracted to. If you are walking through states of ambivalence, Saturn's station direct in Pisces on the 4th asks you to trust the wisdom of time, which will eventually bring clarity. On the other hand, you may also feel uplifted by a shared dream or intimate relationship at this time.

On the 5th, the Last Quarter Moon in your sign also points to the role of your self-presentation, identity, and independence in the current Libra lunation cycle initiated in your sphere of communication and local environment. It may be that personal evolution and integration of new insights now give rise to a letting go or a change in mindset related to what you feel called to learn or express to the world.

Venus entering her home sign of Libra on the 8th indicates this shift may arrive with a more joyful state of mind, possibly inspiring new approaches, interests, or ventures related to sharing your ideas. Perhaps you are able to hold certain unknowns or conflicting truths in your mind with more ease or feel uplifted by interesting conversations, friendships, and sibling connections.

Mercury's ingress into Sagittarius the following day brings an enthusiastic expansiveness to your sphere of self-expression, children, and pleasure. This shift in momentum will further support creative communication projects, and this part of the month may be favorable for launching or sharing these.

From the 9th to the 10th, Mercury's square to Saturn in Pisces may arrive with a serious tone to conversations or consideration related to shared resources and contractual matters, as well as romantic partnerships and business or creative collaborations.

The Scorpio New Moon arrives on November 13th, activating new beginnings and renewal in your sector of home, family, and sense of belonging. This lunation may be somewhat confronting due to the presence of Mars conjunct the luminaries, which also form an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected, they say, even though that does not quite work; you may feel like the ground is moving beneath your feet. This may point to a difficult tension between your professional ambitions and domestic responsibilities or an eruption of conflict in these parts of your life. Endings and culminations outside of your conscious control that were set off around the beginning of the month may be thrust into view. While uncertainty could have you tightening your grip on what gives you any sense of stability, with fixed-sign Scorpio ruling your home and family sphere, feeling rooted cannot occur without fully finding your own authenticity. The courageous and liberating qualities of Mars and Uranus, consciously engaged, can help you release attachment to changing home and work situations and free up your enthusiasm for the new.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, closely followed by Mars on the 24th. Both planets encounter Saturn in Pisces by square as they cross this threshold. These transits point to the role of fear or judgment that may restrict your creative self-expression. Perhaps you are deepening a commitment to a romantic partner, which may relate to children or merging resources. It may also be that navigating a period of loss, isolation, or difficulty now gives way to the enlivening possibilities, where harnessing the stabilizing gifts of Saturn in Pisces in working with others may help you construct imaginative new structures in your life or methods to achieve your ambitions, including how you can access support for these aims.

The Gemini Full Moon takes place on the 27th in your sphere of community, friendship, and long-term goals, illuminating the way your kinship with others may be vital to your sense of belonging. This lunation could extend themes around materializing goals for the future through creative collaboration or aid received from others, which is reinforced by the co-presence of lunation rulers Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius, which square Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, respectively. These transits speak to the power of committing to an idea that inspires you and may take a formidable amount of effort to materialize. They may also amplify situations of stagnation, offering the enlivening potential of renegotiating or perhaps even walking away from something you have already devoted that sustained energy to.