Pisces Horoscope for November 2023

Posted on October 31, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a powerful month for you, Pisces, especially with Saturn stationing in its first week in the first degree of your sign. Saturn implies stability and responsibility in a way that enhances your own internal principles and values. A process of deep reflection enables you to see how the limitations inherent in the Saturnian archetype lend form and substance to your own evolutionary journey into greater wholeness. You are transforming your sense of who you are, and your identity as related to important others in your life. As you explore your own growth to the exclusion of all else, a sense of isolation can also be part of this. You might discover within yourself a fear of change, although by a flip of consciousness this fear can be seen as illusory, as part of the greater realization that life itself is change. The Scorpio New Moon of the 13th comes along as a second stage in this monthly cycle, a time when you can more fully embrace changing beliefs and worldview with the acceptance of your own moral compass and inner guidance as the only necessary basis for your sense of self-advocacy.

The following was written by our guest columnist Alea Balzer. You can write her at alea.balzer@gmail.com

November begins with the lunation cycle still vibrating from the recent Libra New Moon and solar eclipse from mid-October that took place in your sphere of personal metamorphosis, shared resources, and intimacy. This lunation cycle continues to evolve throughout the first two weeks of November, and in part represents your process of spiritual progress itself, which is greatly enhanced in this season of expanded evolution and intimacy. Your intuition is blazing and tells you true, even when logic fails – or perhaps, especially then. The Taurus Full Moon from the tail end of October, four days before the November days got underway, emphasized the influence of matters connected to your mind, communication, and local environment.

Since both lunations last month were eclipses, they relate to longer cycles of change and growth that may be beyond the bounds of conscious control, with effects that reverberate over the next six months.

November also arrives under the influence, from the 1st to the 3rd, of an opposition from the Sun in Scorpio to Jupiter in Taurus, extending the steep learning curve indicated by the timing of the Taurus Lunar Eclipse across your spheres of the mind and worldview.

From the 3rd to the 4th, Mercury's opposition to Uranus in Taurus adds to this focus. These transits may point to cognitive dissonance, illuminating a disconnect between your higher ideals and actions or contradictions in your values systems. Perhaps this awareness motivates you to expand your perspective through a spiritual or intellectual path or helps you release outdated modes of thought or communication habits, including internet and technology use.

From the beginning of the month until the 4th, a concurrent opposition from Venus in your opposite sign of Virgo to Neptune, your ruler, in your sign, brings partners into the picture. This also might involve connecting shifts in your mental and physical environment to your identity expression. This opposition may emphasize the role of projection or a lack of reciprocity in relational dynamics, possibly associated with intimacy, money, or other material enmeshments linked to the Libra lunation cycle.

On the 4th, Saturn in Pisces stationing direct in your sign, representing your sector of embodiment and independence, could point to an emerging inner sovereignty that influences your approach to your partners. A more challenging period or delays, or a sense of limitation could ensue; gradually easing off by month’s end. This timing may also arrive with a sense of progress in relation to to a personal goal declared in the beginning of its retrograde period in mid-June.

Venus her home sign of Libra on the 8th. The co-presence of Saturn and Neptune in your identity sector as Venus prepares to leave Virgo, squaring Pluto in the process, could bring up a disconnect around how you imagined a relationship might look or feel and the pragmatic realities of how it manifests over time. Venus' ingress could help you hold vacillation and simultaneous needs for independence and connectedness within your intimate connections with more ease. Releasing an urge for perfection in partnerships may also support depth and evolution in your current relationship or open space for new ones to take form. As the Libra lunation cycle wanes, this ingress may align with a feeling of shared abundance, with a focus on collaboration or personal evolution and self-understanding.

On the 9th, the following day, Mercury moves into Sagittarius, which indicates the possibility of a positive boost to your mindset, enlivening your professional realms or sense of calling. Before its ingress, Mercury’s departure from Scorpio is accompanied by a sextile to Pluto, which gives way to Mercury’s square to Saturn in Pisces on the 9th and 10th. These transits connect ongoing changes in your community participation, friendships, and long-term dreams to your career and individual trajectory. This time could align with serious conversations about ambitions and career, including renegotiation around contracts to reflect your expertise or new vocational projects. Conversations within your wider social networks may broaden your perspective, or your ability to inspire others might attract collaborators and connections to support your vision. With Venus and Mars in their home signs of Libra and Scorpio, you have significant planetary allies that may offer material and energetic backing as well as spiritual or intellectual resources and networking.

The Scorpio New Moon lands on November 13th, with Mars conjunct the Sun and Moon, as all three celestial bodies oppose Uranus in Taurus. This presents a highly-charged beginning of a new cycle related to spiritual, philosophical, and intellectual expansion and long-distance travel. This lunation supports rejuvenation but may inflame discord if you have been less than assertive around an issue you feel strongly about. Having the courage to advocate for what you want, or take action that aligns with your ethics – or even change your mind as your understanding evolves – can offer you a chance to reclaim your purpose and vitality. Alternatively, you may be planning an overseas trip that will expose you to an entirely new environment or perspective. These transits stimulate reactivity, so that you can lean into the wisdom of Saturn in your sign, which offers you many gifts of discernment about what must be said and when to be silent. There is a power that arises from sitting with ideas to let them develop and integrate over time.

Your professional sphere is further emphasized with the Sun's entrance into Sagittarius on the 22nd, closely followed by Mars on the 24th. Both planets make a square to Saturn in Pisces as they approach and then cross this threshold, indicating you could potentially run into snags, and that also, for the long-term, you will have the will and fortitude to energize personal and professional endeavors.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 27th illuminates your sector of home, family, and belonging, influencing what was seeded at the Scorpio New Moon two weeks prior. Mars' applying conjunction to the Sun in Sagittarius could amplify friction between your vocation and home life, including real estate and property matters. An ongoing tension between your spheres of identity and career is emphasized by squares from Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius to Neptune and Saturn in Pisces, respectively. Frustration or a clash with an authority figure might be what propels you out of stagnation or self-attributed obligation to a role, either professional or otherwise. This could possibly be related to getting wise to or somewhat releasing familial conditioning. This could free up energy or inspire a new approach to structuring your home; perhaps one that also supports your outer world ambitions. While good ideas and inspiration come and go, with Saturn co-present with Neptune in your sign, or your sphere of identity and embodiment, you have significant power to materialize a dream. A combination of perseverance, creative visioning, and strategic planning might help bring ideas into form.