A Cancer Full Moon of Heart-Space and Grace

Posted on December 22, 2023 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The last Full Moon of 2023 comes to culmination on December 26th, at 4:33 pm PT. This Moon opposite the Capricorn Sun is perched in the watery realms of Cancer, where it is most at home and can operate most favorably, illuminating our tender hearts, ancestral roots, and the emotional dimensions of our lives. This Full Moon is additionally aspected by Saturn and Jupiter, bringing in dimensions of practicality and yet also the vast expanse of possibility. We are also in the midst of Mercury Retrograde, and we find that a backward-moving Mercury is in forming conjunction with Mars in Sagittarius during this Full Moon, and square to Neptune, indicating inner reflection over outer achievement, and likely eliciting some wildly honest and lively conversations. Venus in this Full Moon configuration is also in aspect to Neptune, a trine, bringing his dimension of mystical wonder to our musings yet also a bit of confusion to our communication and our relationships and a perhaps fearful consciousness for a future that is essentially unknown.
With this Full Moon exact at 4º + in Cancer, reflecting the light of the Sun, opposite in Capricorn, one of the main themes that arises concerns the realms of heart-space. We may wish to reflect on how we find ourselves in relationship to our emotions, as well as the ways that we tend to protect ourselves and operate within interpersonal boundaries. With Saturn, ruler of the Capricorn Sun, in Pisces and making a very close trine with the Moon, our sense of practicality, responsibility, and as well our commitments come to the fore. Saturn has been traveling in Pisces since March and there concentrates our awareness toward spiritual practices to support us in our worldly endeavors and resilience. Optimally, this signature can help us bridge our spiritual connection with the practical applications and responsibilities we hold in our lives.
Jupiter in Taurus is in a sextile aspect to this Full Moon, giving a gentle nudge of heart expansion and embodied experience. This is a helpful energy to tune into during this time, and you may utilize it by finding ways to nourish your body, eat nutritious food, delight in your senses with hot baths or nature walks, or anything that connects you with pleasure and ease.
Mercury stationed retrograde on December 12th in Capricorn, and, by this Full Moon time, has stepped back into Sagittarius, where this messenger planet conjuncts fiery Mars. This aspect optimally lends us to lively conversations, uproarious playfulness, honest communication, and reflecting or reinventing our principles and values. The pitfalls of this can be overly harsh words, arguments, and misunderstandings that get blown out of proportion. One invitation is to bring some planning and forethought to challenging conversations, and to remember to take breaks from conversations if they start to get too heated.
Finally, it is important to note that Venus in Scorpio in trine with Neptune in Pisces can help us connect to the deeper meaning we find in our lives. This dimension offers up magical, mystical vibes of subtle energy that encourage us to revel in the wonderment, the mystery, and the deliciously rich texture of experience. This is especially so when we remember to tap into synchronicity and listen deeply to what the Universe is whispering to our inner ears. We might be feeling heightened anxiety in the face of these uncertain times, and yet we are also invited into the faith and trust of the Great Mystery of life’s intelligence unfolding.
During this end-of-year timing, we at TimePassages and Astrograph want to wish one and all blessings, love, and good tidings. May this Cancerian Full Moon find you with joy and gratitude in your heart, connection with those you love, and resilience to continue to navigate the many ups and downs of these unprecedented times in which we live. We thank you for following along with us in our mutual journey and we’ll see you in 2024!