Scorpio Horoscope for January 2024

Posted on January 1, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a month of introspection, curiosity, and learning, Scorpio. You never know what you can uncover when you take a trip though the dark places on the inside of your mind until you try. A generally reflective attitude on your part is indicated by the recent retrograde of Mercury, stationing to direct motion on January 1st and then recovering its lost ground over the next three weeks. You are exploring as well the alignment between what you do out in the world and your most profound values When you emerge from Mercury’s ‘shadow’ period on the 20th you will be more settled in your understanding of the deeper parts of your psyche, aided by cooperative relationships in your life in bringing up what you need to experience. You are forging better connections within yourself for incorporating internal principles that you espouse. The New Mon of January 11th punctuates this period with a fresh start in mental gymnastics and deep learning, with continuing novelty in partnership patterning. You are forming a basis for transformation of your entire family dynamic, along with a better sense of your evolving life purpose.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

January comes in the midst of the lunation cycle that was kicked off by the recent Sagittarius New Moon from mid-December in the chart sector representing your material resources and more extensively your personal sense of value; a powerful focus therefore remains for you in this area for the beginning days of January. The way you do your budget, manage other resources, or imagine what your beliefs and principles could continue to be an emphasis. Uranus has also been highlighted in recent weeks while located in Taurus, pointing to your opposite sign. Unexpected developments on the relationship front, as well as startling new information that possibly arises from a partner or from your own intuition. With Mercury just stationing to direct motion on January 1st, one of the peak moments of the retrograde period, it would be a good time to reassess your finances or budget for the year ahead. It may take a few weeks before you have a clearer idea of where you want to invest your energies at this time.

The year also begins with Jupiter in Taurus just stationing to direct motion, as well as Mercury, which has positive consequences for the key relationships in your life. These might be becoming more supportive and expansive.

On the 4th, Mars enters Capricorn, emphasizing your skills and communications of all kinds. Mars transiting in Capricorn should make you more efficient for the next several weeks making it an opportune time to focus on arduous tasks.

From the 7th to the 9th, the second week of January begins with Mercury in Sagittarius forming a third and final square with Neptune in Pisces, and may show up as some mixed feelings around a romantic scenario or a need for greater autonomy with your self-expression. This could be a repeat scenario, as the first square between Mercury and Neptune took place at the end of November; whatever has been simmering for the past month could get clarified in the coming days, or at least by the 20th. It might be a good time to draw a clearer boundary between what you want versus what you think others want from you.

The Capricorn New Moon arrives on January 11th taking place in your communication sector and signaling the beginning of a fresh cycle for all things related to written and verbal exchanges. It may be the beginning of a more serious approach for things related to your skills and where you would like to take them and it is a good time to set intentions around setting up better long-term frameworks that can support both your autonomy and your talent.

From the 17th to the 18th, with Mercury re-entering Capricorn and then forming supportive aspects to Saturn (and Jupiter until the 19th) there is positive momentum for creative projects and romantic scenarios during this third week of January. Partnerships may come into better focus and what others bring to the table could play an important role in your success.

The Sun and Pluto form their conjunction in the last degree of Capricorn and in the first degree of Aquarius as they enter the Water Bearer sign almost simultaneously on January 20th. Mercury is also out of its shadow period on this day. As the energy shifts you may be drawn to re-evaluate your domestic life or you may react by feeling alienated in a certain living arrangement. Transformation is in the works for you in home and family dynamics. If there are already pre-existing issues that prospect might bring relief and if nothing was showing it might just be a time for getting to know yourself better in the depths of your being.

On January 25th, the Leo Full Moon illuminates your vocational sector and your overall life direction. There may be a spotlight shining on your social persona and your role or contribution in the public arena. This could be a good moment to take stock of your accomplishments and where you are at with your goals. Jupiter in your opposite sign of Taurus forms a tight T-square with the Sun and Moon which may highlight a certain amount of tension between partnership needs versus your personal ambitions. Pluto newly in Aquarius is still conjunct the Sun in opposition with this Full Moon bringing a powerful undercurrent at this time and bring out your more compulsive side.

From the 26th to the 28th, as Mercury conjoins Mars in Capricorn and they both trine a stationing Uranus, surprises abound and unexpected partnership events could lead to new revelations. You could be tempted to act more ruthlessly in your communication style so it would be good to keep that in mind. Although this is an essentially positive aspect for you, you might find yourself trying to get your cake and eat it too, so beware of one-sided dealing.

Overall the end of the month favors innovative approaches to relating with others and there may be more benefits yet to come from your collaborations and partnerships. Being brutally honest about how you feel could seem like the best course of action but it may also create hurt feelings. If you hold back from being overly critical of others, finding ways to express what you feel without being mean, you will discover your reward.