Capricorn Horoscope for January 2024

Posted on January 1, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an interesting month of contrasts, Capricorn, with your depths and also the more conscious layers of your psyche coming into prominence. These are two distinct sides to your personality and each at times holds sway. The recent Sagittarius lunation cycle launched on December 12th in coincidental timing with Mercury beginning its retrograde in your sign, brought to you a poignant presence of deep self-reflection and inner work. This continues into the present month, with the placement of the Sun now in your sign. The January 11th Capricorn New Moon makes for a vitally important juncture, illuminating both inner and outer. This is especially so because Chiron, speaking to inner wounding, is closely aspected by Venus in Sagittarius, corresponding to your inward-oriented sector. Issues of self-esteem, potentially affecting your career choices, could come up for you along with a good opportunity to make progress on healing such issues, while there are also unexpected revelations on your event horizon, and great good luck in your creative projects. On January 20th, when Pluto finally exits your sign for Aquarius, there is a shift in the energy. Your deepest values will continue to alter in terms of the meaning that you attach to them.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month begins midway through the lunation cycle that began with the mid-December New Moon in Sagittarius, opening a focus for you to your chart sector that relates to solitude and contemplation, as well as unconscious process and inner work. December may have felt busy but you may also have been experiencing a sense of disconnect with your entourage and needing more time to regroup. Subtle impressions and profound insights may have been coming in but it may be hard to put into words what you are feeling at this time. Continuing into the first ten days of January, you are essentially looking for a better connection to your own inner process and possibly finding it. A deep intuitional understanding may come to you at this time from unexpected sources. In this inward gaze you are aided by the retrograde of Mercury which – having started in your sign at the December 12th timing of the recent New Moon – has by this point moved back into Sagittarius, or this same sector.

Mercury stations to direct motion on the evening of January 1st, yet still has weeks of recovery before it is completely beyond the effects of the retrograde, finally escaping the retrograde shadow period on the 20th of the present month.

Venus in Sagittarius also squares Saturn in Pisces on the 1st. Your communication with others could feel restrained and there may be a general seriousness in your interactions at this time. You may be more quiet than usual preferring the company of close friends who do not require too much attention or explanations.

On the 4th Mars enters your sign, which will have the effect of energizing all areas of your life reawakening your ambitious nature now and in the coming weeks.

The New Moon in your sign takes place on the 11th. This is entirely revitalizing makes for a good time to shed the old and let go of what no longer serves you whether these are memories, habits, self-defeating patterns or material things. An important new cycle begins with this New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th which may find you focusing on the essential, like your health and your personal needs. This may be a good moment to set intentions for the year ahead, especially the ones around your well-being. You may feel a certain amount of unresolved tension between your personal desires, your ambitions and your domestic life but this New Moon taking place in Capricorn is your cue to focus on yourself, your personal desires and what brings you joy.

The week of January 15th should feel productive with Mercury moving into Capricorn and forming a constructive sextile aspect from the 17th to the 18th with Saturn, your ruler, in Pisces. Mercury simultaneously trines Jupiter on the 18th and 19th. Things that have felt slowed down, complicated or delayed since late November and early December could finally get resolved around this time. You might want to take advantage of this time to clarify, plan or finalize many things that were left unresolved.

On January 20th, the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and then in Aquarius as they both enter Aquarius. In many ways this signals the end of a fourteen year period when Pluto was transiting in Capricorn and when you may have had to redefine your personal sense of power through difficult situations. The Sun and Pluto’s entry into Aquarius could bring up financial themes, values, resources available and emphasize themes around your self-worth in the coming month but you should feel fully equipped to meet anything that comes your way at this time.

The Leo Full Moon in on the 25th culminates in the sector of your chart that relates to your intimate or business partner agreements and more extensively what you share with others. The Full Moon forms a T-square to Jupiter, which may emphasize romantic scenarios and also any children you might have. Tension that surfaces at this time may be helpful for clarifying where you are at and what you require from others. You might also be able to see yourself clear to acting on your sense of what is the right thing to do in a certain circumstance.

From the 26th to the 28th , Mercury conjoining Mars in your sign as they trine a stationing Uranus in Taurus will continue to bring surprise information or activities, and might allow you to take the next step in innovations that you have been planning.

On the 28th also, Venus in your sign sextiles Saturn in Pisces and trines Jupiter in Taurus which could greatly help in all your dealings, offering opportunities for smooth yet authentic communications in this ending days January. Although this month might have been slow taking off, as January completes, it brings you much needed support to resolve any prior misunderstandings.