Aquarius Horoscope for January 2024

Posted on January 1, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an intensely transformative month for you, Aquarius, as Mercury slowly straightens out and as Pluto re-enters your sign in late January. It is quiet in the early going, as Mercury in retrograde, quite prominent last month, goes into its shadow period. You will continue to focus on friendships and groups that you favor, as well as your societal contribution, while at the same time reviewing, revising, and questioning these things. The Capricorn New Moon taking place on the 11th in some ways brings you further to the inside, because that sign corresponds to your sector of dream imagination and unconscious process. Your ruler, Uranus, is featured, and is located in your home and family sector, which is one important area for your current meditations on life direction and your basic mission statement. On the 20th, as Mercury finally escapes its retrograde shadow, both the Sun and Pluto simultaneously enter your sign, which you may experience of something of a revelation. You are recognizing the essentially transformational nature of these times, especially for you. The Leo Full Moon of the 25th is also a epochal juncture, bringing your life partnerships more fully into the picture of your ongoing spiritual evolution.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The month begins in the wake of the Sagittarius New Moon from mid-December that makes for a focus, lasting into the first ten days of the January month, of emphasizing friendships, your social life and your community involvement. You could thus find yourself busier than usual at the beginning of the year enjoying the company of others. Uranus, your ruler, in Taurus, was also highlighted in this recent New Moon, emphasizing home and family concerns that continue to come up. Your additional focus on good and heartfelt communication might be just the ticket to ease these concerns in these opening days of the month.

Mercury in Sagittarius stations direct on the 1st and will start to regain momentum over the next few weeks, as you continue to mull over your social connections, seeking the sweet spot, and also what your societal contribution means to you moving forward.

Venus in Sagittarius, or your social sector, forms a square with Saturn in Pisces on the 1st which may bring a contrasting energy between your desires for social interaction versus the pressure of your financial responsibilities. You might feel more shut down in your dealings with friends and groups, although long-lasting benefits might also accrue as you concentrate your social energy. Being gentle with yourself is useful at this time in order to give yourself permission to have fun and relax.

On the 4th, Mars moving into Capricorn, corresponding to your sector of unconscious process, gives momentum to inner work you might be engaged in, as well as the courage to look yourself in the eye in your inward personality. If you can, you could find it useful to write down your dreams.

The second week of January could highlight idealism or wishful thinking and it may feel harder to distinguish between what is real versus what is imagined and may be best to hold on making major decisions if you don’t have to.

On the 11th, the Capricorn New Moon takes place in the sector of your chart again relating to your unconscious and psychological patterns that usually remain hidden from you. It may be easier to acknowledge past mistakes at this time and this period could be really integrative overall. You are looking in the end for a better integration of all your parts, including the messy ones. This new cycle relates to self-worth in whatever way might correspond to your actual situation.

The week of January 15th brings supportive aspects between Mercury in Capricorn and both Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus, which could help sort out your inner world and the resources that your process there might require. What you attribute worth to and what you value could be in a state of flux and your priorities could be re-organizing themselves around important changes taking place within yourself and your new-found awareness.

On January 20th, both the Sun and Pluto form a conjunction on the last degree of Capricorn before exiting the sign making the conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius as they enter that sign only a few hours apart. Pluto will be in Aquarius for the next 20 years and its entry into your sign symbolizes the beginning of a new era of transformation and personal power.

The Leo Full Moon culminates in your opposite sign on the 25th and shines a bright light on all your relationships Jupiter is well-aspected in your root cellar and could help in bringing clarifying insights to the surface. You may be experiencing significant changes in the ways you relate with others as a new awareness within you is emerging. The more connected to your personal sense of power, self-worth and personal values, you are at this time, the more integrative this powerful Full Moon energy could feel. You could in part be celebrating how far you have come in your comprehension.

The last week of January continues to reflect the more contemplative side of your nature and you may be needing more time alone to recharge your batteries. Important insights may continue to trickle in and it would be a good time for therapeutic modalities like somatic healing or hypnosis if that's available to you. This is based on a potent conjunction of Mercury and Mars in your sector of inner work, in trine with a stationing Uranus in Taurus. Journaling and meditation may help you connect with parts of yourself that are harder to access, as you attempt to get at the roots of what is motivating you at this time. Time spent alone during the ending of this month might be valuable, and ensure that you clarify your path ahead and program yourself for success.