A Capricorn New Moon of Devotional Vision

Posted on January 10, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The first New Moon of 2024 arrives on January 11th at 3:57am PT, and is perched at 20º of Capricorn. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, and the New Moon placed here speaks to us of the devotional dimension of responsibilities and commitments, and the corporeal preciousness of time. The position of the New Moon is in a nearly exact trine to Uranus, in a square to the Lunar Nodes, and also squares almost exactly the Chiron/ Eris midpoint. This New Moon is stirring a buzz of innovative fervor and casting a karmically charged undertone to the unexpected happenings that are likely to occur. We also find here a flowing connection between Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, shining a spotlight on the responsibility of taking action and owning our impact. Venus is also in a close trine to Chiron, eliciting a process of healing in the context of relationship with underpinning themes of self-worth and core values. This Moon is a beautiful time to set New Year Goals, and consider deeply where we are investing our life force energy. 
The sign of Capricorn is a Saturnian environment, and represents structure, discipline, and persistence in long-term goals. The soft nature of the Moon is not strongly favored here, yet there are gifts to this placement. When the dark New Moon is in Capricorn, the emotional dimension of experience can become more readily yoked to the intent of our will and long-term goals. This weaving can help the weight of our responsibilities to be ameliorated by the longing of our hearts, so that we may feel true fulfillment in our lived values and enduring commitments. Alternatively, this New Moon placement can also show us where our drive for external notions of success is eating away at us, rather than nourishing and filling our cup. Some potent choice points may by ripening, beckoning our attuned discernment.
Within this particular Capricorn New Moon chart Uranus is at 19º Taurus in nearly exact trine to the Moon and Sun, and sways any somber, stable vibes hanging around into an excited and electrifying atmosphere. You may well come up with brilliant solutions to long-terms problems, be confronted with shocking disruptions to your plans, or have unexpected realizations about something you thought was surefire yet is changing before your very eyes. This influence prompts us to question our biases, and see into wild, uncharted territory as we evolve and change. The Moon is also perched almost exactly at the T-square position between the Lunar Nodes, which are currently in Aries and Libra, giving this New Moon and this entire lunar cycle a synchronistic, fated feeling to it. With spiritual forces beyond us shaping and guiding the course of events, this New Moon offers us an opportunity to ally ourselves with the greater forces of Life, as we may partner with divine intelligence to dance into our own True expression and liberated experience.
Another aspect of this New Moon configuration is a tight trine between fiery Mars, exalted at 5º Capricorn, and expansive Jupiter at 5º Taurus. We also have the sobering presence of Saturn placed at their midpoint at 4º Pisces, an important planet to consider given his rulership over the Moon in Capricorn. This combination suggests an amplified energy supporting our sense of vitality, and capacity to enact our will in ways that align with our spiritual principles. If this could also elicit large appetites for overindulgence, resting on our laurels, or complacency, we will need the discernment to see past these distractions into our true natures. Leaning into daily spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness could prove to be particularly supportive. 
We can also look to the Venus in this New Moon, at 15º Sagittarius, forming a nearly exact trine with Chiron at 15º Aries. Although it is a flowing aspect, we may yet expect some painful processes to be unearthed, with as well the opportunity for healing and retrieving the key to our own unique wisdom through that activity. This is because wherever Chiron is involved, especially with delicate Venus, it symbolizes a Chironic process. With Venus we will likely see the context of such events taking place in close relationships, and perhaps through issues with money matters, also. There is, as well, an opportunity here to see into ourselves more deeply through the reflection of those we love. Our overarching philosophy of life can become more deeply our own as we do the work of teasing apart our authentic expression from the conditioning of early childhood environments and cultural expectation. One key area to hone in on is where we lack self-worth or believe we don’t deserve love, and tend compassionately to those parts of self.  
In closing, this Capricorn Moon holds confronting, yet also deeply encouraging, signatures that prompt us to get current in our healing processes. When we lean into our visions and desires, heal the past, and tend diligently to that to which we are truly devoted, we come closer to our most authentic Selves. As we step into this New Year, may we find renewed strength and resilience to embody kindness and resolve, even in the face of a world in turmoil. May we have the clarity in our hearts to enable long-term vision, and the resources and fortitude required to take intentional action to see it through.