A Full Moon of Clarifying Mind & Nourishment

Posted on February 23, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Full Moon reaches its culmination on Saturday, February 24th at 4:30 am PT. Positioned in opposition to the Sun as it transits through Pisces, the Moon at 5º Virgo sheds light on our awareness of the ethereal and unseen as it intertwines with more tangible and mundane experiences. Virgo, a mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, possesses both a grounded and fluctuating quality, with a meticulous inclination for analysis deeply concerned with how the smallest details can impact the greater whole. This is one theme that we might see playing out over the next two weeks of the remainder of this Aquarius lunation cycle. Mercury and Saturn are also both in close proximity to the Sun in this Full Moon configuration, with their midpoint in the 5 degree mark of Pisces, the same as the Sun in this Full Moon, indicating a review that could be coming up for the mental constructs and beliefs that shape our reality. Additionally, a grand trine in Earth between the Moon, Jupiter, and the asteroid Ceres offers important insights into finding expansive states of being that support, nourish, and soothe our hearts and souls.

During this Virgo Full Moon, it is an excellent time to take inventory of priorities, assess the state of any area of life that requires updating or tender loving care, and adopt an approach of cleaning and clearing both physically and energetically. Due to the Pisces Sun's heavier influence in this Full Moon chart, with Saturn and Mercury close by, there may be a stronger emphasis on tending to the more intangible and ethereal clearing. One significant aspect of Saturn’s 2.5-year journey in Pisces is to adopt practices that support spiritual well-being. With Mercury near the Sun and Saturn, this Full Moon could present sobering reality checks, as well as events that feel confusing or confronting in regards to our beliefs and mental constructs. The invitation is to allow a softening and opening of the mind to new ideas. Mercury in Pisces invites us to wonder, ponder, and allow our psyches to engage with the mysteries of life and dream states. Simultaneously, the Virgo Moon encourages a process of refining our habits, dietary choices, and environments. Better integrating the Virgo-Pisces polarity can help create new pathways for our sense of spiritual connection in our earthly embodiment.

This Full Moon loosely trines Jupiter in Taurus and forms a same-degree trine to Ceres in Capricorn. (Note: I tend to include asteroids in my lunation assessments only when they are in a very tight aspect to the Moon, which is why I am including Ceres here.) Ceres represents grain, food supply, sustenance, and nourishment. In this grand trine with the Moon and Jupiter, there may be a strong emphasis on dietary needs and each individual's relationship with food and eating. This supportive signature encourages us to seek foods, environments, people, and activities that truly nourish our sense of abundance and allow our souls to thrive and revive. Given the challenges of our times, this Moon asks each of us to inquire within ourselves, "What would truly fill my cup in this moment?" and to offer ourselves the kindness of making space for that. It could be as simple as taking a half-hour break with a good book and a hot bath, laughing with friends, or going for a vigorous run through the woods. Whatever it may be, ask yourself what would feel truly nourishing to you now and listen. The answer you receive from within may surprise you.

Another configuration that carries import for our sense of who we are on the planet at this timing revolves upon the extremely close yod formation from Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Taurus in their sextile that each aspect the new Nature planet Makemake, that our founder Henry Seltzer has been researching, in a “finger of God” aspect pattern. The inconjunct from Jupiter to Makemake is exact to the very minute of a degree. The Makemake archetype has to do with Nature connection and earth activism, so that we could see greater consciousness and activity surrounding issues like ameliorating climate change and also the necessary social activism to fight injustice and economic or security inequality wherever this occurs within our beleaguered global civilization. We may even be tempted to personally chime in with such important initiatives as they arise, adding our drop of water to the tide.

In closing, it is also important to mention all the Aquarian activity, which while not directly aspected in this Full Moon, is an important part of the current astrological weather. Power-house Pluto recently entered Aquarius and was then visited by both Mars and Venus, and now Mars and Venus are conjunct at 8º and 9º Aquarius. When Mars and Venus join, it indicates romantic escapades, magnetic connections, and age-old questions about what our modern culture refers to as masculine and feminine. It also can illuminate the desire or need for integrating our deepest values with our sense of choice and agency. Because this conjunction is in Aquarius, this could manifest in a conceptual, broad-viewed manner concerned with humanity and the greater good of the community. It may be an excellent time to consider your orientation to the state of the world, to evaluate, update your values, and act upon these as the occasion presents itself, as world-wide conditions continue to change at their breakneck pace.

During this Full Moon timing, as a practice of self-kindness, I encourage you to tune into the states of being that help you feel resourced and nourished. Prominent now is the Virgo principle of caring for the small details in service of the greater good, encouraging each of us to tend and heal as we all continue to face our world with all its many challenges. May we each find our resources – and, as well, our channels of sustenance – in all forms so that we can fulfill our important piece of the collective puzzle, whatever that may be. We at TimePassages are wishing you, one and all, the ease, clarity, and abundant nourishment to see you through this consequential Full Moon!