Aries Horoscope for April 2012

Posted on April 20, 2012 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an important month for sorting out where it is that you might be heading, Aries, as you feel your way toward better alignment with soul purpose. There is a unique identity that is yours and that you are already in some sense laying claim to, as long as you can remember to stay out of your own way. Intuition speaks volumes. Once you allow yourself to remain open to that inner voice, you have an ally that provides important guidance. You are transforming on the inside and it affects everything else that you are about, most especially how and to what end you put yourself out there. Partners in your life are powerful as well for you right now, and are there to teach you.

As the month begins you are reveling in this your birthday time of the year, made even more celebratory than usual by the emphasis on unexpected enlightenment brought about by the presence of Uranus early in your sign, and triggered by the recent Spring Equinox and New Moon from March 22nd. This is the beginning of your year ? astrologically speaking ? and it is likely to be a year of surprises and also of great metamorphosis. You are excited and energized by this configuration within your identity sector, and becoming increasingly aware of the moving target represented your life in general right now. Your exploration of your own identity is also tinged by the energy represented by Neptune in Pisces, that is to say, of compassionate awareness of your inner process and of dream imagination as a healing force. All this is complicated by the retrogrades of both Mercury and of your ruler Mars. Mercury is retrograding through your sector of internal dream worlds as the month opens and will not regain your sign until the 16th when it will still have another week to go before making up all its lost Zodiacal ground thereby escaping its retrograde shadow finally straightening out. Uranus in your sign is also currently in forming square to Pluto, presaging greater changes yet to come over the following six to twelve months in the way that you make yourself known in the world. With the Full Moon of Friday, April 6th, you are reaching for a balance point between inner and outer. You are attuned to inner realities right now and to the effect that these internal dream visions can have on your more normal waking life. You might be graced with actual dreams and if so you will likely profit by writing them down and considering the material that they bring to you in a form of direct transmission straight from your unconscious. It is also true that you do not need to sleep in order that you dream, or at least have contact with the numinous that arises spontaneously from deep inside you when you allow it scope to do so. Your life direction is guided by intuition, always, whether or not you are able to overtly acknowledge it. But it helps to be able to more consciously tune in. The First Quarter Moon of Friday, April 13th, represents another important juncture when you are perhaps even better able to acknowledge inner realms, but when also some tension might arise between these and the outer world of events and schedules; although, in truth, the one can help to sort out the actual priorities of the other. There also could be conflicts that arise with significant partners, or perhaps within yourself, between subtle layers of your own psychic contents. With the New Moon of the following week, taking place on Saturday, April 21st, fresh energy is provided for your ongoing quest. You are entering yet another stage of your development, and also a more comfortable and easy-going time period. It is important to recognize that the same issues will return again and again in different forms, as new levels of your soul process come to light.