Gemini Horoscope for March 2024

Posted on March 1, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another interesting month of personal transformation, Gemini, when you are feeling optimistic about entering into an attitude of greater service to others. What is also up for you as the month continues to unfold is your career and professional life, but in a new way of seeing this significant area. Your unconscious process of intuitional knowledge continues strong. Yoda-like, you are being challenged not to do, but to be; and the rest will follow. You find yourself committed to not only creating from an individual perspective but rather applying your creativity as helpful to society around you. With the March 10th Pisces New Moon, all this gets magnified. Your metamorphosis includes beliefs and worldview as your changes there radiate outward to encompass all other life areas so that nothing is left unaffected. This applies most especially to your newfound focus on societal commitment. Rising to new levels of concern for the lives of others around you and, indeed, of all the creatures of the planet itself. “One who knows other people (and creatures) to be part of one’s own body,” the Tao The Ching tells us, “is a sound person to guard them.”

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March begins in the wake of the Aquarius New Moon that took place last month in your sector of higher learning, spirituality, and travel, which featured Uranus in Taurus, bringing further surprises and shakeups to areas of your life such as health, reflective solitude, and inner process. Venus and Mars also recently conjoined in Aquarius under the influence of Pluto in Aquarius in your sector of spirituality, higher knowledge and foreign travel. With your ruler Mercury in Pisces, in your tenth sector of career, you could well be focusing on your uniqueness within the whole of your path – including your collaborations – and the ways in which you might make your own webs of support. With Jupiter in Taurus in your sector of systemic institutions, illness, and solitude, you may be struggling with feelings of confinement, weight, inevitability or depression as it related to reputation, the perception of others, personal value, and career. When you can inhabit a grounded and divine optimism, you can see it through!

As a natural connector, you might not enjoy standing alone, but what can it teach you to be alone, to make something alone, to relax and surrender? How can you become a wiser, more fluid or a vaster receptor, and connector? How can your reception, skills and gifts truly flourish, be effective, help others and yourself?

From March 7th to 8th, Mercury conjoins Neptune in Pisces in your tenth sector of career, external perception and accomplishment. This indicates a union of your dreams, an idea, a visionary notion or skillset. You might benefit by finding yourself more soft, spiritual, knowledgeable, benefic, or expansive. You win by asking questions and acknowledging ignorance. You may witness your faults idolized and feel at a loss, or a vastness that is, for once, hard to articulate.

March 7th to 10th, as well, Mars in Aquarius is in a superior square and reception with Uranus in Taurus so that Uranus can shock and also support Mars in Pisces. You might participate in acquiring wisdom through unexpected enlightenment or experience remedying ignorance with loving and wise actions, seek stillness, perhaps leaven articulations of more complex systems and philosophies with emotional wisdom. The tension could feel stifling, helpful, or necessary as part of a divine wisdom fortifying your gifts.

Understanding what it might take to extract yourself from a difficult position is indicated by the Sun in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus in the New Moon.

The Pisces New Moon takes place on March 10th at 1am PST in your career sector emphasizing allies, gifts, and networking and featuring a sextile between the New Moon and Uranus in Taurus. There is a great deal of intuitional information available to you now when you can open to this. Pluto in Aquarius sextiles Mercury newly in Aries, bringing up changes to key friendships and societal contribution, plus transformation to spirituality, opportunities for travel, and for furthering your education. You may be sharing new skills or ideas with your network more diversely, more intelligently, or with new concepts. There could be a new realizations taking place or new beginnings regarding your career or public perception, and the role of your wisdom that has grown so beautifully through difficulty, limitation, or dharmic realization. You could be finding within yourself a greater ability to influence a systemic whole and taking more care to receive and relate to each group and individual in their own unique way. This may support a spiritual practice for you.

Because Mercury has just entered Aries, your focus may shift to networks, skillsets, gifts, and allies.

As you continue into the first quarter lunar phase, you may be ready to share new skills and thoughts as a gift with a subordinate at work, a group of allies, as a group activity or even in the service for yourself.

As you encounter these energies in your beautiful, ingenious way, Gemini, you may notice a boost when Venus enters Pisces in your tenth sector on March 11th, indicating deep healing, a perpetual spring of water, an elevation of yourself or your self-esteem, a promotion, a visible partner, and an acceptance of your challenges and toils. You may be checking in with the private, foundational work of your innermost self to positively and sagely allow personal growth. You may be simultaneously asserting your influence & skills and working in a way that you just need to work. You may be trying a new career or receiving public recognition of your skills, education, personal journey.

From March 16th to 17th, the Sun in Pisces in your tenth sector of visibility applies conjunct Neptune in Pisces while the Moon is in Cancer in her joy in your second sector of finances and possessions. You could be realizing a comfort, purpose, fortune or routine around your finances and visibility. You may be opening to your blind spots where internal wounding may still linger enwoven. You may notice the effects on groups, growing communications, communications systems, the learning opportunities of others, and support.

On the 18th, as your ruler Mercury reaches the 15-degree mark of Aries and conjuncts the North Node, Mercury enters its retrograde shadow period ahead of next month’s actual retrograde. You could be thinking twice about your friendships and societal connection. The South Node in Libra in your fifth sector of pleasure and creativity could suggest dharmic realizations of the justice and balance of these topics. As you travel and engage with others, so you recognize the new parts, gifts, functions and applications of your deeply luminous, ever evolving self.

As we approach the Spring Equinox on March 19th, when the Sun enters Aries, you may notice the cast of glimmering shadow under these aspects, perhaps an emptiness in being seen, as you are also the magician, conjuring deep in the ground, skillfully transmitting from your own foundations, your home, roots and abilities. With the Sun in an inferior sextile to Pluto in Aquarius while your ruler Mercury is in conjunction with Chiron in Aries lasting until the 20th, you could face old wounds of purpose, desire, social groups and your own evolving enlightenment, beliefs, or dreams. You could feel limitations of public image, a bubbling abundance of healing, a benefit leading toward your optimal health.

On March 22nd, Mars enters Pisces, in aspect to transformational Pluto, and you may be ready to assert yourself publicly and take action toward what faults of yours you can identify.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th at 12am PDT copresent with new Nature planet Makemake, across your sectors of romance, the arts, allies, and societal contribution, may illuminate themes of patronage, gift giving, support networks, and activism. This lunation, being the first of two eclipses this spring with the Sun in Aries, is a potent event that could unleash your creativity in a way that allows it to be applied in directions that you support deep down. When you take your individual power, the universe responds illuminating your own purpose and drive as an individual, the leader, the mouthpiece of a community or group. You may find yourself acting within your community to visibly and publicly close in on greater integration and on putting your money where your deepest values are.

From March 26th to the 28th, Venus in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, suggesting a visibly abundant love, culture, and healing that allows both your conscious and your unconscious creativity to emerge. You could become a twinkling, technic light that cuts through the dark. How will you see your most authentic gifts adapt, progress, and playfully shine?