A New Moon of High Energy and Spiritual Evolution

Posted on March 8, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The Pisces New Moon taking place early Sunday morning, at 1 am PST, a few hours later for points east, has many and varied effects – all of them powerfully interesting. We have, for one thing, a very strong Mars-Uranus square supported by the Sun and Moon, which presages surprise events and impulses, with the potential for new beginnings of an unusual kind. Then, too, there is all the Neptune in this New Moon, and in the cycle to follow, with Neptune conjunct the Sun, while the Moon’s First Quarter takes place a week later with the Sun in partile conjunction with the Neptune position of 27° Pisces, and the Moon in square. In this New Moon configuration as well, Mercury has just entered Aries, so residing at the 0° mark, and is therefore not only in conjunction with Neptune but also sextile with transformational Pluto at 1° of Aquarius. With Neptune involved, there can be fantasy or over-idealization, as well as just plain deception in the working out of our thoughts and schemes. This Mercury double aspect also encourages us to be as aware as possible of the spiritual dimension of ordinary life, as well as to question our assumptions. There might actually be something going on with your thought process or the way you perceive the world around you that is in need of adjustment, and with so much Uranus in the picture of this New Moon as well, there may be a nudge from the universe telling you an unusual message that you will need to hear, so that it pays to be alert for it.

In addition to the outer planet emphasis mentioned in the foregoing, in which all three outer planets are involved, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, we will want to be aware of the impact that planetoid Chiron has in this Pisces New Moon. Chiron remains close to the nodal axis, less than two degrees separating the emblem of The Wounded Healer archetype from the North Node. Chiron is also parallel to Saturn in this timing. We have seen Chiron with the North Node in recent lunations, and, now, with Saturn, the potential is there for an authority wound to manifest. With active Chiron, in general, the suggestion is that there are painful places within you that could be coming up in this early spring timeframe, and that may continue coming up. These can be seen – with a twist of the imagination – as useful to your overall process of growth and awareness.

With Pluto in early Aquarius also involved in this New Moon, we are also dealing with the ramifications of “The Age of Aquarius,” as astrologers have been talking about for years. “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” was articulated as early as the late sixties, as a theme from the hippy musical Hair, and it seems to be still dawning as we speak, spurred on by the Pluto alignment of this mid-decade timing. The idea of this new Pluto stage would seem to include that the hidden flaws of Aquarian subjects such as humanism, scientific rationality, and the Internet would begin coming to the surface for examination and potential adjustment. Humanism emphasizes our life with each other here and now (versus beyond this life in the heaven of eventual bye-and-bye as was a major theme with the Age of Pisces). The flaw might be ignoring other dimensions of experience that are equally valid. The problem with rational thought eclipsing non-rational is similar, because our materialistic consensus thinking does have the tendency of missing it that the ineffable indeed represents an important component of our lives perhaps even eclipsing the purely rational. If we consider the Internet, which has brought us together in ways that were never before possible, and provided us with a portable encyclopedia in our pockets, there seems to be little downside, and yet quite recently it has been on our collective mind that social media creates independent silos of common beliefs that create divisiveness because ignoring each other. There is also the damage done by screens to youngsters; and even, perhaps, to adults.

Also involved in this New Moon configuration are Haumea and Makemake, new KBO planets beyond Pluto, which have been identified in my research over the past few years as “profound connection to Nature,” implying also a connection to right action, right relationship, and truth-telling – doing the “right thing,” – with Makemake the more pragmatic and action-oriented. These have been prominent lately, especially Haumea, which has been closely square to Pluto for over a year now, a year in which, in many ways, lack of truth-telling has been on trial. This pertains now perhaps even more, with this New Moon, because Mercury aspects both Pluto and Haumea. Additionally, since the previous lunation cycle, Makemake has been the focal point of a yod from Saturn and Jupiter, now fading but still active in the current New Moon configuration. Saturn and Jupiter have been in a long sextile ever since the beginning of February, both making an inconjunct of 150 degrees to Makemake at 10° of Libra. This more pragmatic and results-seeking behavior on the part of various individuals has been invoked by student protests of the bombardment and potential genocide of Gaza civilians by Israel in response to the horrific 10-7 attacks. Recently, as well, the Biden administration, in the person of his Vice President, Kamala Harris, has issued a statement calling for a cease fire. Other overt activism in the next thirty days is therefore more than possible.

In closing, for your individual life as well, you may be able to find within yourself a call to action in alignment with this dynamic New Moon. This might appear as unexpected enlightenment, or a sudden impulse triggering a knee-jerk response of fear of the unknown, one that is perhaps deserving of a second look; or in any case discernment would need to be applied. There are also likely implications for your inner wounding, either holding you back or else arising for further examination and, potentially, for the healing of these issues. In all of this, an overriding spiritual perspective can be valuable and, as well, the recognition of transformation, as part of your ongoing personal evolution.

We at AstroGraph would like to wish you, in this Spring timing, the best of wishes for how that all plays out, and for having, as much as possible, faith in the universe to see you through. The strange thing is that we can clearly see that a new connection with all beings is not only possible, perhaps only a gesture away, and perhaps inevitable, and yet so extremely elusive in these relatively dark days of shifting eras. Simultaneously, we are all in the midst of our own developmental evolution. May your feet be steady and your heart be strong for this journey.