Aries Horoscope for April 2024

Posted on March 30, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is a month of internal exploration, Aries, and of seeing all the ways that your inner world informs and conditions your outer persona. Your own evolutionary development quite remarkable these days, with social connections humming along and yet with also an undercurrent of incipient metamorphosis in the air so that nothing much seems truly grounded but instead, you are feeling a gathering storm of transformative understanding that will be a necessary prelude to becoming more settled. The New Moon eclipse of April 8th represents quite a potent juncture, with numinous Neptune hovering at Aries’ edge, near Venus newly in your sign, and including an extremely prominent Mercury Retrograde, now a week into its backward motion, lasting the entire month with the post-retrograde shadow taken into account. The most featured of all is a highlighted presence nearby of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, precisely conjunct the Sun and Moon eclipse degree of 19 Aries. This bubbling stew of planetary archetypes in your sector of identity is almost sure to leave its mark over the coming weeks. Inner wounding that arises in this timing is an internal presence for a developmental reason, so that your chaff might fly, as the poet says, and your grain lie “sheer and clear.”

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The recent New Moon in Pisces from last month continues to carry its influence into the beginning of April, bridging the threshold between your inner world and your outer reality. New directions and perspectives could be emerging although you may still not be entirely sure of what this entails in actual reality. You could have a sense of what you need but a concrete picture of what that looks like could still be eluding you. It is not so much that you don’t know what you want but more that the world doesn’t seem to contain what you need and therefore requires you to create it. You or your current circumstances could feel a little fraught; several planets are still transiting in the mysterious waters of Pisces diffusing your will power and emphasizing inner dream work along with your normative surface world of schedules and results.

On April 1st, also, mentally-oriented Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, so that a reflective and introspective period of time ensues. If your decisions have been rushed lately, this may be a call to adjust your direction and your desires in the coming weeks before going full throttle. You may want to take your time and look at everything twice or thrice. That could be easier said than done however as things just keep moving along.

From April 2nd to the 3rd, Venus meets Neptune in the final degrees of Pisces. This colors much of the first week of the month with subtle anticipation and perhaps a sense of not having total control. This is not an entirely negative influence in itself, having a dreamy and mystical quality, although it could be hard to distinguish reality from fantasy. Venus then enters Aries late on the 4th, bringing relationship in your life more poignantly to the fore.

On April 8th, the potent New Moon and solar eclipse arrives in your sign, accompanied by Wounded Healer Chiron exactly conjunct, to the minute, the Sun and Moon. Very simply put, this eclipse brings an important reset for all things chez Aries. This is also, with the Chiron emphasis, a call to acknowledge where you may have been profoundly hurt in your individuality, in your body or in your ability to act with certitude. This moment signals the beginning of a powerful new cycle that can bring the integration of past hurts that have perhaps been keeping you from fully embodying your potential. There will be another eclipse in Aries around this time next year which might in represent a continuation, so that this is not an immediate process; you might find that there are evolutionary circumstances occurring at this time that help you along.

Mars in Pisces rules the solar eclipse and forms a conjunction with Saturn in Pisces emphasizing the profundity and the slow process of getting to the root of an underlying issue. Being patient and compassionate towards yourself at this time is one key that could help ensure that you do not skip any step is engaging toward a more coherent version of yourself.

On April 11th, Mercury reaches the Sun in your sign which signals the halfway point of its retrograde cycle correlating to some extent with clarity; and is also one peak of the retrograde period as far as miscommunication and mechanical breakdown. This particular moment could bring back something that began in March and, although you are not likely out of the woods yet, you could see things with a different eye as you progress further into April and beyond. Mercury finally escapes from its retrograde shadow on May 13th.

On April 19th the Sun enters Taurus where it will emphasize your resources, your values and more extensively your sense of self-worth. Your income or what you have to work with could become a point of focus in the coming weeks.

From April 17th to the 23rd, exact on the 20th, Jupiter meets Uranus within a 1- degree of orb, in Taurus, which has the potential to bring financial opportunities or sudden changes out of left field and it could be something that is not related to your immediate competency. Your entire conception of the material world might be altering. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has a bit of a gambling undercurrent to it as well; taking some risk at this time could be in the cards and might work out, although with the Mercury Retrograde it is always good to double-check proposed outcomes.

The Scorpio Full Moon arrives on April 23rd in the part of your chart that relates to shared resources, taxes, grants and loans, and more extensively the contractual agreements you have with others. This could also be a significant time for your partnerships as you sort out your priorities and address issues that might have arisen over this rather slippery monthly cycle.

Mercury turns direct on April 25th and the last week of April could have a fated feeling or a shift in your perspectives. You may have to make some important decisions in the weeks to come but you should start feeling pretty clear about things, especially once Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow by the middle of next month.

Mars enters your sign on the 30th of April and you might feel the added drive to take you onward.