Scorpio Horoscope for April 2024

Posted on March 30, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another month, Scorpio, of personal transformation, attitude adjustment, and inner work. There is a lot going on for you in terms of your self-expression, projects, and as well your habits, health regimens, and day-to-day environment. You are working with the unknown and unseen as you potentially revise your sense of purpose based on personal commitment and shifting values. The Mercury Retrograde period of time that began on the April 1st, and lasts the entire month, counting the two-week post-retrograde shadow period, is connected with your sector of day-to-day environment and service to others, also associated with a sense of life purpose. You could find yourself reflecting on these areas, and, indeed, the larger issue of where your life is taking you. This month is also punctuated by the Aries solar eclipse New Moon that takes place on April 8th, and that carries with it an internal mandate of greater commitment to your deepest values, what you uniquely bring, long with your evolving concept of what gifts in this regard are provided by important partners. With the Full Moon that follows on the 23rd, issues of self and other are brought more fully into your awareness, along with a culmination of sorts for your ruminations over the impact of key relationships on your life.

The following was written by our guest columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

April arrives on the tail end of what was initiated during the very fertile Pisces New Moon from March which took place in your sector of creative self-expression, joy, and romance. There has been a focus there which you might have been noticing, in one way or another, and that continues into the first week of the present month. The sign of Pisces is in a simpatico trine relationship with the sign of Scorpio which means that when planets are transiting there, it generally brings supportive and even progressive influences to planets or sensitive points in your sign. Uranus in Taurus, your opposite sign, and Pluto newly in Aquarius, highlighted in the Pisces lunation cycle, implies that there might continue to be surprise events and unexpected enlightenment coming your way from important partners and that these could be transformative to your core understanding of who you really are.

As April begins, also, tricky Mercury turns retrograde in Aries on April Fool’s Day, bringing a need to slow down in order to re-assess and revise the ways in which you spend and distribute your energies. There is an introspective air to the proceedings at this time, and your daily environment might show up differently as familiar habits get questioned and even go through course corrections along the lines of what your soul really has in mind. If your desire to feel productive could have gotten in the way of aligning with your true passions, or your preoccupations are not allowing you to invest in what matters, then it may be important to take stock and rearrange how and where you focus your attention.

Venus meets Neptune in Pisces on April 2nd and 3rd which colors much of the first week of April with a romantic and idealistic glow. Venus enters Aries late on the 4th and by the 7th of April the Moon follows suit for a total of 4 planets or 6 astrological factors if we include Chiron and the North Node currently in Aries. This is a big fiery and active energy that will magnify everything related to your routine, your health and more extensively your desires to get active.

On April 8th, the Aries solar eclipse and New Moon takes place where your day-to-day environment is the focus. This is an extra-potent New Moon and is accompanied by Chiron, the Wounded Healer, conjunct the eclipse Sun and Moon in Aries. Your work life and your schedule could come under close scrutiny and you may also be focused on getting healthier and stronger. Mars in Pisces rules the solar eclipse, and is your traditional ruler also. Mars forms a conjunction with Saturn in Pisces in this New Moon configuration, emphasizing the need to combine work and play while structuring your creativity in ways that allow you to do what you love on a daily basis. Saturn has been transiting in Pisces or your creative sector for a year already and continues to emphasize a need to get serious about what you love until 2025. Creativity, self-expression, romance, and pleasure are topics that now could be placed at the top of your priorities as these could be directly linked to your well-being, your vitality and your ability to thrive in this world.

Mercury, still moving retrograde, meets the Sun in Aries on April 11th forming an inferior conjunction. At noon PT this becomes really close, which is also known as a ‘’Cazimi’’ when Mercury is said to sit on the royal throne. This aspect is often compared to a momentary illumination when things that are muddled can come into focus and for you it could relate to your workday environment, and even how you want it to be. Mercury remains retrograde until the 25th, and escapes its retrograde shadow by May13th.

Things could accelerate rather quickly in the second half of April due to Jupiter and Uranus coming together. The Sun also enters Taurus on the 19th, where it will emphasize your partnerships and your entire relationship dynamic. Then, from April 17th to the 23rd, exact on the 20th, Jupiter meets Uranus, also in Taurus, which could bring excitement, positive ideas, and intuitional enlightenment to your important relationships; surprising turns of events or new developments in partnership are totally possible.

On April 23rd, the Scorpio Full Moon culminates in your sign, shedding light on your desires and personal direction. The transformational effects of this are enhanced by the fact that the Full Moon is also receiving a square from Pluto newly in Aquarius, at the root sector of your chart. This implies that home and family concerns could come up for review and recognition or actual metamorphosis. This could also reflect in rather dramatic ways situations that no longer work for you at home or with a family member, or in your key relationships. Mars is also forming a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces at this time, so that a spiritual component could emerge, or you might find that your appraisal of a situation may not be as clear or lucid as you think and could perhaps be driven by powerful emotions.

Mercury stations direct in Aries on the 25th and this is one peak moment of the retrograde period with Mercury hanging dead still in the sky. The next two weeks could bring a return to normal for things related to your work and your routines or at least a better idea as to where you need to invest your energy.

You will want to give yourself some time at the end of the month to process things before rushing to any new conclusions. In the final few days of April, Venus enters its home sign of Taurus and Mars enters its home sign of Aries which should bring you the support and energy you need as you continue to negotiate Mercury’s shadow period until mid-May.