A New Moon of Grounded Excitement

Posted on May 6, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Tuesday evening’s Taurus New Moon takes place on May 7th, at 8:20 PM on the west coast, later evening for points east, and at 18° of the sign, and represents a mild and grounded follow-up to the potent solar eclipse energy of the Aries New Moon from April 8th. In that cycle we saw a featured presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Subsequent to that beginning of the April lunation cycle, we also observed the coming together of Jupiter and Uranus, in Taurus, a cosmic alignment known for brilliant ideas and inventions, which is a 14-year cycle. This conjunction is still very much with us, being three degrees apart in the Taurus New Moon, Jupiter having moved on ahead, and with both of these expansive archetypes near to the Sun and Moon. Interestingly, in another chime with the earlier solar eclipse configuration, in this current lunation we also find Mercury, still recovering from its recent retrograde, in partile or same-degree conjunction with Chiron. The first half of this May month thus remains a thoughtful and an introspective time, with Mercury in its post-retrograde shadow until the 13th. One of the things that we might find ourselves thinking about could be the subject of our own inner wounding.

In exploring the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, and its continued impact this month, we will want to think about the Richard Tarnas extended time period for these planetary combinations, that he terms “World transits” in his seminal book on this subject, Cosmos and Psyche. There, he assigns an orb of 15 degrees on either side, and with Jupiter and Uranus is particular, describes this timing as particularly inventive and redolent of new ideas that break through established norms. As the Uranus archetype itself reminds us, there is a rebellious component to this planetary combination. The rising concept of AI comes to mind, in its many flavors and colors. This has been around for quite a few years now, and yet has only recently gained enormous prominence, becoming a household word. The timing of this current conjunction, using the 15-degree orb, would be June 12, 2023 to July 12 of this year, so that we remain within this period of time for a few more months here. In terms of our individual lives as well, we might well be off to new beginnings this month, following up on last month’s energy of the exact hit of the conjunction, together with the impulse with this New Moon of its four-degree conjunction with Uranus, as the period of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction’s world influence continues.

In this Taurus New Moon configuration as well, we also have the planetary combinations of Saturn-Pluto, Pluto- Haumea, and Neptune- Haumea coming into our consciousness in one way or another, as I will now attempt to demonstrate. First of all, Saturn is more greatly present in this New Moon due to the close sextile from Sun and Moon at 18° of Taurus to Saturn at 17° of Pisces. Secondly, this Saturn position is closely semi-square to Pluto at 2° of Aquarius, within mere minutes of a degree, while Pluto remains in its long-term square with equally slowly moving Haumea. More about this latter planetary combination will follow. Neptune, at 29° of Pisces is inconjunct (quincunx) to Haumea, as well, being within about a degree and a half. Because Saturn and Pluto are in minor aspect to each other, there is a dark side to the world situation right now, as shown by recent efforts for a much-needed cease fire in Gaza in seemingly intractable stalemate, for the moment at least, and as this current aspect would argue, probably as well for the month ahead.

As far as the Pluto- Haumea square, this has been in highlighted prominence for the previous year, dating from February or 2023. Its effect would depend upon the delineation of the Haumea archetype, which does seem to be involved with aspects of natural law, that is right action, right relationship and truth telling. This is what my research has, over and over again, shown. With Pluto in this picture, it is the seamy underbelly of advertising oneself as telling the truth that we are concerned with here, namely lying, with which the current headlines, and the headlines from the past year as well, do seem to match. In our individual lives we are all likely to be pondering to some degree our own moral compass, so that, it would therefore be an important component to our deliberations this month to be caught up in questioning, reviewing, and estimating the authenticity of what we are each up to within the decision points of our own lives.

What we all might need to remember, too, is that for the thirty days ahead, because Pluto was made prominent by Saturn and by Haumea, and even by his sextile with Neptune in this New Moon, transformation is front and center stage on our minds and in our hearts. Ready or not, and prepared, or not, you are on an evolutionary journey to your next stage. They say that one of the most important spiritual principles is surrender, and that might be fully applicable now, as that journey gains momentum.