A New Moon of Meaning and Heartfelt Commitment

Posted on June 5, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Yet another lunation cycle comes in on a mighty cosmic breeze with the New Moon in Gemini early on June 6th. The New Moon is exact at 5:38 am Pacific Time, and the exact position is 16º 18’ of Gemini. This New Moon is bubbling over with Gemini energy, particularly because Venus – having just been in her Cazimi (conjunction at the heart of the Sun) –  is now still at the exact same degree as the New Moon. We have Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini, as well, adding to the sizable dose of this mutable air energy. This brings up curiosity, playfulness, mental acuity, and effervescence, just as you might expect with so many Gemini placements, inviting us into trying on new ideas and perspectives. There is also, however, a hefty square from Saturn to the Moon- Sun-Venus degree, additionally emphasizing the importance of practical application, spiritual responsibility, boundaries, and honing in on stability during this cycle.
Venus in Gemini offers us heightened connection between our minds and hearts, and inclines us towards lively conversations, laughter, curiosity about others, and a dash of whimsical delight. Venus was in Cazimi from June 3rd to 5th, in the heart of the Sun, marking a time when Venusian themes get super-charged by the Sun’s energy - indicating warmth in connection, enhanced romance, love, self-worth, and values. Being conjunct with this New Moon, Venus colors this entire coming lunation cycle with a heightened awareness of the state of our cherished human connections, sense of values, and enjoyment of the material, with a particularly strong emphasis on the needs and emotional states we experience around such things.

What is also true, is that as Venus joins the Sun and Moon,  all three planets also come into a square aspect with Saturn in Pisces. The sobering realities of Saturn can feel very harsh to the temperament of lovely, delicate Venus, and inquisitive Gemini. This could very well feel like an abrupt reality check, or a major weight of responsibilities and frustrating obstacles. Yet, there are ways to utilize this challenging signature, as well. Saturn may be challenging us to not just revel in the excitement of a new idea, but to make a plan, and diligently apply that brilliant notion. 
This signature could be asking us to have a difficult conversation and take responsibility for our part of a dynamic, because it will actually afford us so much more closeness and connection than if we avoid it. It may be asking us to take stock of where we have truly learned to value and love ourselves, and also show us with stark clarity where we are still settling for crumbs because a part of us believes we are undeserving. Whatever arises around these themes, there is a potent opportunity to love each other, and ourselves, with more substance, commitment, and integrity. The forces at play will allow lessons learned during this cycle to stand the test of time. 
Another factor of this New Moon chart is Jupiter, recently entered into his year long journey in Gemini, making a close trine to Pluto, who is also in his initial phases of his journey in Aquarius. While in a flowing, easeful trine, this aspect can nevertheless be intense, illuminating the issues around power in our world, and emphasizing in our minds and communication the themes of Pluto in Aquarius – including AI, other technological advances, as well as humanitarian efforts, and global issues.   Mercury is nearby to Jupiter in Gemini, as well. Being in its rulership and governing this New Moon, Mercury brings a further accentuation to the realms of thought, communication, and information. Volumes could be written on such topics, yet what I will impart here is simply an encouragement to be particularly mindful during this cycle of your consumption of information, and bringing awareness to the valuable currency of your attention and presence. It is said that where your focus goes, energy flows. What are you after all intending and growing with the unique gift of your awareness and attention? 
During this special Gemini New Moon time, the opportunity is there to bring our heart space to the fore, and consider multiple avenues of how we wish to make greater meaning out of our emotional, lived experience. The chance to bridge this sense of greater meaning with renewed commitment may give this otherwise flighty energy a solid place to land. During these rapidly changing times, may we each have the clarity and the loving heart to choose wisely the source of our meaning-making, conscious of our principles and values, and may we have the fortitude to stand for this deep essence of who we are in ways that foster healing, connection, and the overall well-being of the planet.