A Capricorn Full Moon to Remember

Posted on June 20, 2024 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Friday evening’s Capricorn Full Moon, taking place in the second degree of the sign, on June 21st at 6:08 PM PT, later evening for the East Coast and Europe, is a quite special astrological event, coming, as it does, one day after the Cancer Solstice when the Sun entered 0° Cancer. The Sun is at its greatest elevation on these two days, while the Moon is at its lowest, being minus 28.4 degrees and therefore considered out of bounds. We have a wild and unregulated lunar condition here, with a who knows what might happen feel to it. Additionally, another unknown and unknowable factor is supplied by the Sun and Moon in their opposition making a close T-square to Neptune at very nearly the Aries point, one tenth of a degree away from 0° Aries. Neptune is also standing almost dead still in the sky, preparing to station to retrograde motion, still not quite at the Aries point, on July 2nd, and is therefore far more potent in this Full Moon configuration. Being the focus of a T-square, and closely aspected as well by Pluto in early Aquarius and the new Nature planet, Haumea, at 0° Scorpio, we are in for something of a wild Neptune ride. This is terrific for accepting as fundamental the extra-dimensionality associated with spiritual and mystical reality as underlying the everyday logic of our 3D world of matter and of schedules, and yet also poses some problems if we are trying to get something done in terms of ordinary experience. We are subject at this timing to fantasy, deception, outright lies, and over-idealization, so that discernment is here doubly necessary in order to separate fact from fiction, always a struggle in this Age of Spin.

In addition to the T-square from Sun and Moon to Neptune in this very dramatic Full Moon, there are quite a few other aspect patterns that are worthy of mentioning. Most interestingly, perhaps, is the Eris-Uranus- Mercury-Chiron pattern that shows up quite strongly and is supported by the Moon in close bi-quintile with Uranus. We find Eris and Uranus at 25° of their respective signs of Aries and Taurus, so in tight semi-sextile, with Eris conjunct Chiron and with Uranus is perfect semi-square alignment with Mercury. The Mercury component implies greater curiosity and consciousness around the rest: understanding in a significant way the power of intuition and of inner wounding to inform ourselves about ourselves at the deeper layers of our psyche that nonetheless profoundly affect our everyday responses and actions.

Action-oriented Mars is also involved in the above, being in partile sextile to Mercury and aspecting the Sun. With an open mind, we might yet be able to penetrate through to the truth of where our own interior pain and anger can lead us astray into reaction, inciting words or deeds in the heat of the moment that we might later come to regret.

Then there is also the Pluto square Haumea that has been active since the beginning of 2023, when it was at that time featured in the New Moon events of February and March. Now, in this 1° Cardinal Full Moon, it is again featured by the Sun and Moon in close aspect; Pluto resides at 1° Aquarius, so closely square to Haumea at 0° Scorpio, supported by the Moon in sextile and the Sun in trine. The deeper meaning of this outer planet combination is rather huge, because we find in our current situation that telling lies is on trial, versus simply instead telling the truth, as is in some ways quite a natural inclination. We see this challenged in our legal system, and in our individual lives as well there exits the temptation to prevaricate – after all, everyone is doing it – and yet the consequences are also there, plain to see, all around us.

So, in short, this end of June makes for an intensely interesting time, of Solstice and of Capricorn Full Moon, when all the standard outer planets are highlighted, and when these new 21st century planets are activated as well. These latter KBO planets remind us that, at the deeper levels of our being, there exists a natural way of existence that has a mystical/spiritual basis and that supports us in adhering to a moral compass of our own making. The Chinese term for danger being the same as for opportunity might speak to us now, as we hover on the edge of finding the right action for ourselves to perform as we move forward into the unknown. Where we will wind up is indeed uncertain, except for the simple and inescapable factor that it will ultimately depend upon each of us, in our own way, as we in commonality struggle forward.