Aquarius Horoscope for October 2013

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Your universe is changing, Aquarius. This is an important time of reaching out to others in a new way. As you rethink your presence on the public stage in the light of recent developments in your conceptualization of the world around you, there is a dawning that is taking place deep within you and there is no turning back. Vision precedes action. You are in many ways acting on existing professional goals, only with a subtle twist to the inside, as you begin to recognize the vital importance of hidden parts of yourself for everything that you say and do. With Mercury Retrograde in your career sector for the last part of this month, you are spending this time in an important process of recovering these missing puzzle pieces and fitting them back into your existing picture of how you operate.

As the month begins, you are philosophically inclined, working through a process of reassessment and coming to greater consciousness surrounding your actual working presence in the world. There is a powerful visionary presence implied by Mercury, newly entered into your career sector, in trine with numinous Neptune occupying your sector of resources and values. Your finances might be somewhat nebulous at this time, but you are the richer for it, in terms of self-appreciation and a thoughtful new take on what you are truly up to in this life.

The configurations of this month are challenging but also rewarding, as you begin to get the broader picture of what is going on, both within and also outside of you. As difficult as it might be to initially imagine, everything that is happening to you these days is part of a larger theme of interconnection. In this potent monthly cycle, Uranus and Pluto in square make up only one piece of the story, since Saturn, Neptune and even Chiron are also powerfully activated. Your co-rulers, Saturn and Uranus, are occupying rather different sectors of your solar chart, with Saturn in your fame sector, which presages public recognition for outer world achievement, and with Uranus located in your communications sector, making written and spoken productions paramount as you go through the changes that you, along with everyone else, undoubtedly continue to experience. It is clarifying to share your thinking with others around you, or with yourself in the form of journaling.

Pluto is located in your sector of dream imagination and inner work, normally Neptune's realm, and from that inner standpoint continues to wreck havoc with your normal conception of what goes on beneath the surface layers of your personality. As Freud and Jung famously discovered at the beginning of the previous century, what is below consciousness, and relatively inaccessible to it, is a vast and numinous arena that is far more central to the affairs of the outer world than we are normally able to admit with our logical minds. This month gives you a magnificent opportunity to transcend this boundary and enter into the richer and stranger world of your unconscious process.

As you do you are still responding to the exigencies of the physical world, which, with Saturn so strongly configured, is also symbolically quite active. It is difficult to be able to focus on both ends of this dyad but not impossible. The retrograde of Mercury later in the month through your sector of outer world involvement speaks to this issue, of being simultaneously inner and outer directed.

With Chiron in strong aspect to both Saturn and to Uranus, as Pluto aspects them both as well, you are also likely to have the opportunity for old trauma from the past to arise for the purpose of enabling you to find greater self-acceptance with regard to these ancient wounds. These likely stem from early childhood, when parental mis-direction or problems with peers caused you in painful reaction to bury part of yourself away into the unconscious, where these pieces of your personality could have become walled away from the surface layers of your personality. Any movement toward restoring your conscious awareness to these parts of yourself will be richly rewarded as your inner exploration continues, and will make that first important movement toward their healing.