Libra Horoscope for November 2013

Posted on November 1, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an amazing month for you, Libra, a continuation of the series of deep changes that you have been encountering all year long. As you head toward year's end, the cosmic tugs on your consciousness become if anything more extreme. This is transformation from the very base of your being outward, and it involves a new mandate for others in your life as well as for yourself. Family and home will never be the same. Thoughtful reflection provides more profound seeing for issues such as material versus spiritual reward. You are, through it all, making your move to the inside, there to discover both pain and joy. The pain can be the stimulus for process. Others provide inspiration but in the end, you have got to be the one to light your own fire.

As the month begins, you are feeling the inward tug brought about by the retrograde of Mercury through your sector of resources and values, where the Sun, being in Scorpio, also resides. This puts you in a reflective mood. On the very first day of the month, in fact, the Sun and retrograde Mercury meet in perfect conjunction, amplifying the message retrograde Mercury. Since this is a core area of your solar chart, productive of material well being and the sense of psychological security that comes from having your ducks in a row, be they financial, organizational or spiritual ducks, this is an important month for you as you meditate on where you, in these many ways, are actually at.

This month heralds as well the actual exact square of Uranus and Pluto, the fourth of their seven close encounters of the difficult kind that take place over the course of this pivotal decade. This symbolizes revolutionary activity, both for the collective and within individuals, and is further highlighted by the powerful configuration of November 3rd, when the Scorpio Solar Eclipse New Moon takes place in aspect to both. We find that Uranus occupies a position that is also quite important within your chart, namely that of your relationship sector, symbolizing the activity of others in your life. The activity of Uranus, greatly amplified by Pluto, and in the current skies by the eclipse degree, and by Mars and Chiron also, is to provide unexpected insights regarding the value of relationship for you and for the way in which you conduct this vital activity. This is a complex question and does not admit of a simple answer, but rather an ongoing meditation and investigation.

Transformational Pluto, amplified as well, especially at the time of the New and the Full Moon, is also located in an important placement, residing in your sector of home, family and tribe. Astrologers also recognize this area of the chart as being in close symbolic linkage with the roots of your psyche, and with feelings of psychological well being. There are many and intense changes that could in fact be going on for you in these areas, such as to your physical home in a phase of rebuilding, or the same with regard to family issues or with tribal alliances. These areas of life could potentially be causes of suffering for you now, and in the prelude to the ending of the year, but this is darkness that leads you eventually into the light.

With Neptune an important factor in this month's astrology, being aspected by the station of Mercury on November 10th, and also by the Last Quarter Moon of the 25th, you are both inspired and unsure. Neptune is located in your sector of health and day-today activities, and of the discipleship to your higher purpose. There is a vague sense of unfolding spirituality that accompanies your adventures in awakening to what you possess inside. This is a confusing placement, and you at times might not know how to think about what you have going on, or how to blend soul intention with practical considerations. It might be best to regard everything that happens as tinged by Spirit in some way and leave the details up to Goddess.