Sagittarius Horoscope for November 2013

Posted on November 1, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is another in a series of intense monthly cycles for you, Sagittarius. The good news is that you are in many ways more ready for it that you were even a few short months ago. It has been a trying year, and as it comes to the end, perhaps even more so, but the silver lining is in increased self-knowledge applying to the deeper layers of your being, and in a better understanding of others as well as yourself. Many areas of your life are currently affected, including your creative self-expression, which is sizzling and transformatively oriented, but the most significant progress is happening on the inside. Your dreams could be quite active now, and definitely worth writing down. Inner and outer are but two sides of the same coin and the one informs the other.

As the month begins, you are exploring the connection between your outer expression in the world and your own deep interior process, typified by a set of realizations that might be glimpsed only indistinctly from the standpoint of your conscious awareness. This connection is symbolized by the extremely highlighted retrograde of Mercury, the ruler of both your relationship sector and as well your sector of career and professional life, through your twelfth sector of dream imagination and inner work. You are likely to be in a reflective mode for most of the remainder of this month and potentially exploring these and other key areas of your life and the connection between them.

This unusual combination of inner and outer actually becomes an opportunity for better integration of your most private spaces within together with your public persona. As famously characterized by noted psychologist C.G. Jung, the deep unconscious process balances the less prominent features of conscious egoic awareness by means of compensation; for example, the strongly intellectual person in waking life will find that his or her unconscious world is full of unexpressed feelings, revealed most commonly in dreams and unexpected outbursts of emotion.

Your ruler, Jupiter, standing nearly still in your sector of intimacy and personal evolution, symbolizes a descent into unconscious process. It is well said that the secret of greater intimacy with others lies in greater intimacy with oneself. When you have come to a place inside representing a surprising fund of hitherto hidden knowledge, you might come to recognize that this is actually your own home base and you are now encountering for the very first time.

This type of inner exploration is a chime with a more cosmic evolutionary path toward which the important outer-planet energies of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto incline. The configurations of the beginning and the middle of the month also connect strongly with these numinous planetary archetypes. Uranus, residing in your sector of creative self-expression, provides vision, while Neptune, natural ruler of unconscious process, and also highly emphasized for you at various points in this monthly cycle, provides a different form of inspiration that feels more like dissolution. Pluto resides in your sector of values and resources, and represents the wrecking ball that destroys the old order so that you might build anew on the former site. Thus you escape entrenched beliefs and behavior that have long ago lost their useful applicability to your current circumstances.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also prominent in these late fall skies, resides along with Neptune in your sector of home and family, the other so-called "Water House" of your solar chart, . This area of your life is also transforming. Feelings of lack resulting from an unintegrated sense of early wounding could come up for you over the course of this monthly cycle, and if so, present you with an excellent opportunity for greater understanding of yourself in these deeper levels. Chiron here represents a rediscovery of the deep interior process perhaps walled away from consciousness for many years, a product of ancient trauma; such buried complexes of habitual behavior benefit extremely from shining the light of consciousness upon them. The great thing with your current situation is that there is nothing, really, that must be done, nothing to do. You just need to get out of the way of your process and let it continue.