A Deeply Searching Full Moon

Posted on November 16, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Sunday morning's Full Moon in late Taurus is interesting in that it highlights the Venus and Pluto conjunction that has been active over the past few days, along with also making a chime with Jupiter, recently turned retrograde in Cancer. The Sun and Moon make semi-square and sesquiquadrate aspects to both Venus and to Pluto, and very precisely to the Venus/Pluto midpoint. Jupiter, recently retrograde, is also aspected by the Full Moon, and together these archetypes represent a fundamental optimism to make our way forward in spite of everything, involving a softer symbolism than those to which the recent tough configurations have inclined. This softer side is also well reflected by the Venus-ruled energy of the Taurus Moon. We are in some ways coming out of a dark tunnel stemming from the early November Scorpio solar eclipse.

As we do, however, we must remember that Uranus and Pluto in combination, still powerfully highlighted in these November skies and remaining less than a degree away from their storied square, drive a harder edge of implied transforming vision. It is important to recognize this transformative urge as a vitally necessary component of these late November skies — and of our lives at this critical juncture, as we head toward the turning of the year.

Mercury, although coming back, is still a bit wobbly from its recent retrograde that officially ended on the 10th. The "retrograde shadow" period lasts until November 27th, when Mercury finally returns to the degree that it occupied when it began its retrograde motion. Between this current date and that one, things begin to get easier with the aberrations that seem to affect mental functioning, communication and even mechanical breakdowns. It is interesting to note that while Mercury and normal mental process are coming back, in this Full Moon Mercury is close to a perfect conjunction with the Moon's North Node, emphasizing the ambivalence of current logical conditions.

Since Venus is conjunct Pluto, while the Full Moon in Taurus opposed to the Sun in Scorpio also brings depth of connection to the fore, the major theme of this Full Moon is that we closely examine all our relationships. We might want to ask ourselves what exactly is the deeper need that is being expressed, the true emotion. Is there a way that our relationships need to change, in order to better serve us, and to inspire the fundamental metamorphosis that we are seeking in our own lives as we more closely align with soul purpose? There is a need, expressed in the timing of this Full Moon, that we take a look under the covers of all our drives, and most especially the motivations at the heart of our relationship dynamic.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in this Full Moon configuration, the 26th degree of Scorpio, is: "Indians making camp in new territory," and we can reflect on this symbol as we enter into the second half of this profound November lunar cycle. We are essentially self-defined souls struggling to make our way and to establish our security in the hitherto unexplored surroundings brought about by recently informed new perspectives. To do this we need one another. And yet, as we depend on each other, we must also remain on our own path. It helps when we can try to be as conscious as possible of what we, and our important partners, bring to the table for the benefit of each other and equally what we bring in the service of each of us independently.