Leo Horoscope for December 2013

Posted on November 29, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

It's a paradoxical and in some ways difficult month, Leo. This is for you an essential time of regaining a more fun-loving sense of identity, and yet also represents a further searching out of the hidden places within you. Inner voices speak and, suddenly, your outer work comes to an inevitable pause. The New Moon at the very beginning of December signals expanded self-expression, which is just your cup of tea, to be enjoyed under the limelight. And still, the dark unknown within you calls, making you aware of the deeper questions, the ones without answers. Epiphanies flow and lead you toward important realizations and a renewed sense of soul purpose. No final solution exists, nothing but the determination to explore; to seek, perhaps to find, and never to give up.

As an overview for the entire month, it is of vital interest to you that the December 2nd New Moon in the second decant of Sagittarius forms a grand trine with Uranus together with your natal planet positions, especially true for those born a few days on either side of the very beginning of August. This implies that factors of identity, belief, and creative self-expression are powerful in the course of the journey of this current month for everyone with this Sun Sign or with Leo rising. This ties in with a pure and simple joy in expression that is a characteristic of your sign, and yet, with the powerful set of outer planet transits and configurations that have been operating lately, this simplicity has been altered in recent months to become a more complex factor. The trick is to keep some element of the naïve and simplistic while still being able to acknowledge the darker side of human nature including yours and everyone else's.

These dark and relatively unknown portions of the psyche have likely been coming up for you in some way over these past few months, since both Chiron and Pluto have been recently emphasized in relationship-oriented sectors of your solar chart. These two planetary archetypes in particular refer to the deep inner process in which we all share, and to which the seminal psychologists of the twentieth century, Freud and Jung, addressed themselves, as they brought these difficult factors to the light of more conscious understanding. It could be that you have observed situations – perhaps arising through relationship circumstances – where ancient conditioning, and old and largely dysfunctional patterns of behavior, the result of the wounds of early childhood, have come to the fore; and recently with a greater ability on your part to understand such a mechanism of the deep psyche that still cries out for attention and conscious recognition.

With Uranus stationing this month, standing almost completely still in the sky, from a geo-centric standpoint, as it changes from retrograde to forward motion, you have a leg up on this situation. Your faculties of intuition and higher mind reflection are powerful now, and over the course of this entire lunar cycle. This can stand you in good stead as you go through the challenges of this climactic end-of-year time. You are transforming in the way that you see your purpose going forward, so that these interior revelations affect all your future plans and aspirations, to the extent that you can tune in to them. You are coming to a more spiritually based cosmic flavoring as you reassess your life purpose and the way that you relate to others around you.

Venus is stationing this month as well, a relatively rare occurrence, turning to retrograde motion in Capricorn. Since Venus rules your career sector, you are, especially in the second half of the month, engaged in a subtle process of re-attunement and redefinition in the way that you relate to professional objectives. As is becoming more and more apparent, your outer world presence depends on inner world premises and beliefs. All of this is in flux and yet in some ways returning to a former stability, the application of natural law over and above any system of rational belief and even prejudice that is man-made.