A First Quarter Moon of Relating and Growing

Posted on December 9, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Monday's First Quarter Moon comes right at the midpoint of the beginning two weeks of this month's powerful lunation cycle, when transformational outer planet energies are once again activated, presaging a further stage of the spiritual evolutionary journey of these intense times as we slide into the end of the year. Now, as well, Mars has entered relationship-oriented Libra, while Venus is also emphasized, bringing partnership issues squarely into the foreground. As we transform, it is extremely helpful that we have the good auspices of like-minded others to relate with, for they provide a unique perspective outside of ours, and alongside it, that can be extremely helpful as we navigate our own process of growth.

We also have Jupiter and Saturn in almost perfect alignment with each other — a trine aspect between compatible and emotionally charged Water signs, highlighted by the Pisces Moon — bringing to the table both optimism and seriousness of purpose. Jupiter also represents faith in the universe to guide us through, even as we also exercise the practicality and sense of caution implicit in the Senex, or wise old man, archetype represented by Saturn. This speaks to the outer layers of physical plane activity, with implications for soul intention. There is a positive feeling of can-do inherent in this configuration, and an awareness of purpose, which, if we can latch onto it, will take us further down our intended path. We are working for a future that makes sense for us at all levels.

Chiron, too, is also fully implicated in these two weeks, the building half-cycle of the lunar sequence, culminating with the Full Moon one week hence. Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer and promises that if we are willing to look deeply inside ourselves, without judgment and with understanding, love and forgiveness for the agents of our prior trauma, and especially for ourselves, we will experience healing. This energy combines with the deep intuitional power of the Uranus archetype, which all through this initial period makes a semi-sextile and also a declinational aspect to Chiron. This symbolism speaks directly to our important inner work. At times the inner journey is the most key, as these powerfully transformational times continue to remind us. Pluto also closely aspects Chiron, fostering the idea that recognizing our wounded places inside ourselves is an important factor in our ongoing metamorphosis.

The Sabian Symbol for Chiron's placement, the tenth degree of Pisces, is: "An aviator pursues his journey, flying through ground-obscuring clouds," for which Marc Edmond Jones has the keyword, OBSERVATION, referencing judgment and long-range planning. This symbol implies that through the clouds of illusion we yet may find our way, guided by our own inner compass and as well by the radio signals, as we can remain open to these, that we receive from helpful others.