Aries Horoscope for January 2014

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The cosmic tide is running, Aries, with the turning of the year, and you are the active surfer of the wild energy that it contains. You have to keep moving just to keep up, and to allow your head to remain above these swirling forces with a modicum of control. This is so, although, in another way, your task right now is to admit that you are not the sole pilot of your craft. You may yet find that letting go is an underrated art form that is truly necessary now. Partnership with others around you is key, and also respect for the winds of change blowing through you. What is no longer useful, nor even in any way functional as an element of your continued growth, might need to be discarded unmercifully.

An overview for the entire month is pointed toward in your New Year's Day chart. This potent New Moon chart, taking place directly on the first, indicates themes not only for January, but for the whole of 2014. You may find your focus and attention this year being largely devoted to news ways of connecting and working with others, particularly as it pertains to your purpose in life, be it in your career or how you show up in the world for the greater good. The transformative Pluto-Uranus square is still activating revolution at a global level, and is now accentuated by Mars, your ruler, signaling greater focus and new growth in terms of the way in which you relate to others. Jupiter, in contra-parallel to the Sun, completes the grand cross formation with the heavyweight energies of Pluto, Uranus, and Mars, and hints at a seed of sweet optimism, when you center yourself in heart, home, and faith, in which all of these fluctuating forces of deep change can become anchored.

Your ruler, Mars, is currently dwelling a bit sulkily in the relationship sector of Libra. The God of War is not fully activated in the Libran realms of egalitarianism and diplomacy, but perhaps it is a blessing in disguise that these fires are calmed a bit — for Mars is strongly positioned for you in this chart that pertains to this month and year: exactly square to Pluto, located in your career sector. You might find yourself re-evaluating the way in which, as you create your offering to the world, you allow others to be involved.

Uranus is also located in an emphasized position in your solar chart, namely your sector of self and identity, and is amplified by Jupiter, by Pluto and by Mars, so that there are lessons for you, pertaining to the way in which you conduct yourself in the world and come across to others. You have, in recent weeks, been experiencing a strong urge for freedom and autonomy, and yet you are, in this new month and year, intrinsically drawn to connecting with others in new and creative ways. Simultaneously, feelings of restlessness and impatience could come up for you, as you explore the fine-tuning and the intricacies that are thereby required. You are perhaps discovering that there is an art form in playing well with others — one that requires a paradoxical relinquishing and surrender of control to allow a greater synergistic force to flow through you.

What is at hand is an opportunity to deepen and grow into your potential in ways you may never have even imagined. And, as is perhaps counter-intuitive to your basic nature, this does not require trying harder, doing more, or talking louder, but rather a softening and a loosening of your grasp. When you practice trust, letting go of your need to control the outcome, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by what happens.

Transformational Pluto is positioned in this chart for the New Moon in the career sector of your solar chart amidst a stellium (or cluster) of planets. Surrounding him are the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus moving retrograde, indicating the power of the radical changes that you are currently surmounting. Your vitality, emotional centering, mental engagement, and relationship conduct all hang in the balance. If you can allow what no longer serves you to melt away, a wealth of power and centered alignment with your greater purpose becomes available to you.