Leo Horoscope for January 2014

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

It's an amazing month for you, Leo, presaging an eventful year of inner exploration. Like Magellan you are making cosmic history these days, by proving that your world is not round but deep. The insights keep arriving in multi-dimensional groupings that defy rational ordering and yet somehow coalesce into appropriate meanings. In the midst of rapid-fire learning experiences, you find yourself re-dedicated to your life path. You may note that while ego is useful as a starting position, and in forming an important backdrop for all that you do and say, it fares badly as an end point. In the course of the rather intense journey of these times, you are discovering by faith a grounding that is paradoxically not of this physical world; it nonetheless succeeds in holding you afloat.

An overview for the entire month is indicated in your New Year's Day chart, which has a powerful Pluto placement, being located in your sixth sector of service, and as well the mundane aspects of life here in planet earth. On another level entirely, you may well find fresh incentive for coming out in style for soul purpose, as you currently conceive of it. This important sector of your solar chart is also, in more esoteric terms, a center for conception of a higher level of service, to your community and to your highest purpose for yourself, that which you came into this lifetime to accomplish. With Pluto and the conjuncting New Moon so powerfully aligned there, you might become more fully invested in a sense of mission; the path forward that makes sense for you and for the many different layers that you inhabit.

It is important to note that you exist on different levels all at once. As you are gainfully employed you "render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's" and you might tend to ignore the rest. But it is vitally important that you recognize that which is strictly your own, inviolate, to be worked through in your own way, and on your own terms. This is independent of other voices, be they family and friends or work-related; the place inside you where you find your own definitive pathway forward into greater integration.

With Venus also retrograding through this same sector you are in definitely a more reflective mode than usual, and the subject of your meditations could well be the significant relationships of your life. The ruler of your seventh solar sector of relationship activity is Uranus, currently located in your higher mind sector and also strongly aspected by Pluto and the New Moon, symbolizing that you are actively engaged in transforming your relationship dynamic as well as contemplating the deeper meaning of partnership in your life.

You are caught up in both contemplation and constructive action that takes you forward along the lines of significant transformation, and it is interesting to note that nearly every area of your life is affected. The Moon, ruling your twelfth sector of dream imagination, is another important component of the configuration for this new month and year. Thus inner and outer unite; you might be able to feel this increasingly in the work that you carry forward, since Mercury is closely conjunct the powerful New Moon energy, and rules your sectors of values and future strategies. There is a way that you are now combining conscious choice with becoming more aware also of unconscious process, to arrive at a firm sense of innovative values together with a fresh look at your goals and plans.

It is interesting to note that expansive Jupiter also provides an important presence for you, residing in your sector of dream imagination and inner work. As this powerfully climactic year of 2014 gets underway, you are enjoined to be in and of this physical world in all the usual ways, but with the added meaning of relying more completely than ever on Spirit within to see you through.