Virgo Horoscope for January 2014

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an intensely interesting month for you, Virgo, presaging an amazing year of 2014. Transformational vision is available to you now, even more profoundly than in prior weeks and months, and it has the potential to completely change your life. That sounds scary, but in the event might not really be so. You are operating in a reflective mode as the month begins, meditating on your sense of who you are, and how your resulting creative output and artistic style is undergoing an important and even a massive shift. While simply keeping on keeping on with some parts of your life, you are awakening to a new authenticity with others. The reality is that this involves a massive restructuring, involving facets of how your path merges with an emerging and powerful sense of soul purpose.

As an overview of the entire month it is well to meditate on the placement of your ruler, Mercury, as the month begins, positioned in your fifth solar house in conjunction with the New Moon, and with transformative Pluto as well. This indicates that the metamorphosis that you have been experiencing throughout the closing months of 2013 is far from over, involving facets of life such as self-identity, relationships with children, and artistic self-expression. All these areas are undergoing a sea change and in an evolutionary way that, while perhaps painful, targets your ultimate benefit, moving forward.

With Jupiter prominent also in your solar chart for the New Year, and located opposite this sector, you are as well riding these coattails of good fortune together with a spiritual mandate for expansion. You are growing in self-awareness and your creativity now reflects it. This Jupiter placement expands and enhances everything that you say and do right now, especially as you look towards the future with an optimistic perspective. You could be almost startled by the quality and the freshness of your inventive output, and have perhaps only to beware of even too much excess and ambition for yourself. The temptation is there to take on more than you can chew, so to speak, so that you might need to exercise caution and reign yourself in; not too drastically though, for you can afford to let yourself shine in the areas indicated. Your intuition is also extremely powerful now, and serves you well in this regard. The overriding test is to ensure that you are moving in the direction your gut tells you.

With Venus in retrograde motion, moving backward through your fifth solar sector and about to conjunct Mercury as it moves forward, you are also in somewhat of a meditative mode concerning relationship in general, and in particular, with significant persons in your life. This brings in issues of higher mind alignment with what you are up to. Your values are also subtly shifting. This is an understated and yet significant part of your experience, especially during the first two weeks of January.

Regarding relationship, this vital and evolving area of your life is definitely highlighted over this month's unfolding spiral of greater awareness. At the same time as acknowledging its ethereal qualities, the shifting sands of where you do and do not meet your potential partner's energies, you also recognize its importance to you. With Chiron, the Wounded Healer, also highlighted in this same sector over these last few weeks and months, and on into this current cycle, you might be feeling difficult levels of trauma inside yourself that relationship can stimulate, even as it also soothes. You are more whole and entire when you attempt to witness yourself in all your various layers, including the painful places, intending to more fully honor them in yourself, and in relationship, also.