Libra Horoscope for January 2014

Posted on December 31, 2013 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

It is a complex and transformative month that is in the offing for you, Libra. This constitutes a very private period when you are yet also involved and even fortunate in the affairs of the world. You are quite intent on progress of a material kind, and a spiritual one as well. All that you are, and all that you intend to be, is coming to a singular focus and intention. Somehow though, your clock is running backward, and with good cause. Rather than blindly forging ahead with outer world plans, you are pausing to sort out core-level issues that could potentially be holding you back. This is ultimately something to be encouraged. All your future dealings will be enhanced and freed up by what you can learn this month and next by a deceptively simple process of deep reflection.

As an overview of the entire month it is interesting to note that the potent New Moon that starts the month and year, taking place precisely on January 1st, has planetary alignments with important outer planets that form a grand cross in cardinal signs, thus reflecting sectors of your solar chart that are greatly emphasized for you. The most significant of these takes place at the nadir of the chart, in your fourth sector of home, family and tribe. With transformational Pluto in this sector, highlighted by the New Moon and Mercury, and squared by Uranus, you are encountering a potent metamorphosis in this area; this is a continuation of a process that has been going on for the past several years and that accelerates throughout this one. You are leaving behind old patterns that no longer serve you, and that actually obstruct your efforts. The way that you regard home and family ties is radically transforming for you, in an evolutionary arc of development that has implications also for the way that you regard yourself at deep levels. It is also possible that your physical housing situation is changing, along with your metaphorical home base.

Your sense of identity, whether as family member, or as a separate individual, is in any case the subject of a great deal of internal reflection these days, since your ruler, Venus, is retrograde now, and traversing this same sector. Venus retrogrades through Capricorn all the way from the last part of the sign back to the 14th degree, where it comes close to meeting up with Pluto at the very end of the month. It is safe to say that this will be an extremely powerful month for you in regard to thoughtful consideration of where it is that you are actually heading with your life, as you more fully explore this process of self-definition and self-recognition.

Also included in the grand cross that begins the month is Mars, in your sign, directly across the Zodiac from impulsive Uranus. Mars is the ruler of your relationship sector, and this volatile opposition implies that your energy toward connection with significant others in your life is changing, and in a startling and enlightening way, over the course of this monthly cycle. This month could therefore constitute a visionary experience for you. Insightful partners provide a unique perspective on your journey into wholeness. This can serve as catalyst for your own process of transforming at the core, most especially perhaps in the way that you regard home and family.

All this is happening in he context of expansive Jupiter, greatly emphasized in your sector of career and professional life. You are extremely fortunate now in your outer circumstances, and this gives you plenty of energy to delve into these more subtle and interesting internal considerations. It would be a mistake to ignore either end of this seesaw balance between inner and outer. Both are extremely important for you now. Your intuition is particularly well developed at this time, and will tell you true about where you are needing to put your major focus, all other indications to the contrary.