A Transformative Last Quarter Moon

Posted on January 23, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Thursday evening's Last Quarter Moon is an interesting one. This lunar phase in any case signals a time of reassessment, a point at which we recognize that we must take stock of our situation and reinterpret recent events in the light of new knowledge. In this configuration, as well, the Sun has now moved to thoughtful and scientifically minded Aquarius, while the Moon in moody Scorpio encourages us to dig deeper, below the surface of our psychological position. In addition, retrograde Venus has moved backward within the sign of Capricorn to the point where it closely conjuncts Pluto, planetary archetype of depth researches and difficult realizations. This means that we are all in some way looking more deeply into our present relationships in search of a better and more profound understanding.

The Venus-Pluto conjunction in these late January skies is hugely emphasized over this week and next — the weeks surrounding the coming New Moon of the 30th. This is because the conjunction is so close, with these planets currently less than three degrees of Zodiacal longitude apart, and lasts so long, about two weeks, due to Venus stationing at nearly this same degree on the 31st. Because Venus is moving very slowly in the heavens now it is therefore greatly more emphasized as an astrological factor. Additionally, we find expansive Jupiter, also retrograde and moving slowly, exactly opposed to both Venus and Pluto, about a degree away from opposing their midpoint, further amplifying this symbolism. You will no doubt be aware of how you feel this impact within your own life, and for your own relationships.

You might be engaged in serious conversation attempting to fathom some of the more subtle features. In general, there are implications for transformation in other areas as well, depending on how Pluto hits your particular natal arrangement. It is also important to note that during the week leading up to the Aquarius New Moon of the 30th, the Moon crosses over this configuration on Tuesday afternoon, January 28th, a time therefore when your emotional realizations could easily become even more intense.

There is a seriousness of mental approach to these types of depth researches and problem-solving now as well, because Saturn is highlighted, and is parallel to both Mercury — as Mercury slows down, preparing to retrograde early next month — and to Venus. We are thus taking either a conservative and reactive stance or else getting even more committed regarding behavior alteration in response to what we can now more fully understand about what we are up to in our personal lives, and indeed in all types of relationships. We can be committed to necessary change, or we can postpone dealing with our issues. Whether we can see clearly enough to go forward with our lives in this instance, right now, or later, the pressure is still there to achieve the evolutionary metamorphosis that is in our ultimate best interest, moving forward.

The Sabian symbols for the Sun and Moon in this classic configuration are, once again, instructive. They are, for the Sun in the 5th degree of Aquarius, "A council of Ancestors," which brings Saturn as well as the wisdom of the elder immediately to mind; for the Moon, in the 5th degree of Scorpio, we have another Saturn symbol of stability "A massive, rocky shore." For this latter Marc Edmond Jones inserts the comment "When positive, the degree is a poised spirit and a firmness of personality which enable every individual to prepare [themselves] for any possible contingency, and when negative, blind stubbornness or unreasoning conservatism." As always, the choice is ours to make.