Gemini Horoscope for March 2014

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

It is once more a season of change for you, Gemini. After coming through last month's retrograde of Mercury, your ruler, outer achievement means something altogether different for you than it did a month or so ago. There is a compassionate feeling that you have been more recently bringing to the table, and that gets an extra boost early this month as the first week of March wears on. You are tuned to inner proclivities and embodied self-expression as you navigate the sweep of worlds inside you becoming more visible in outer realms. Surprising connectivity continues to suddenly light up your life with new information and chance groupings. It is all leading you to an ultimate purpose, that you might grow in your concept of self-worth and do it on your own terms.

Your month begins with the Pisces New Moon from the day before the very beginning of the month, which took place in your sector of career and professional life. This definitely represents quite a boost to your energy for getting out in the world and making your mark, and because the New Moon was in close aspect to Jupiter as well, you are feeling extremely fortunate right now in financial matters and in terms of other forms of resources that you might currently have at your disposal. The more philosophical ramification of this is that your sense of security could be in transition as well, and no longer coming from needing financial safety but from your own inner realizations. Important others also might be able to help you to see what was in front of you all along.

With Mars also turning to retrograde motion this month, just as Mercury, your ruler, is recovering from its own episode of backward motion that took place during all of February, you are more inwardly focused than is usual for you. Mars is located in your self-expression sector, so that there could be a slowing down of your more active social presence as you internally meditate on just what this truly means, in the grand scheme of where you are heading with your life path. Mars rules your sector of societal connection and future plans, so that there is a connection in your mind over how your creative output intersects with your goals.

Another powerful feature in this month's astrology for you is the highlighted presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, quite prominent now in the outer-oriented career sector of your solar chart, sextile Pluto and conjuncted by the recent Pisces New Moon. The implication is that, as you mull over the way that you come across to others around you, and in general on your pathway forward, you could be dealing with old and buried trauma rising to the surface of consciousness. If so, you benefit from attempting to stay as aware and as accepting as possible regarding these hidden personality factors, which are likely the residue of early childhood events that were undigestible at the time, and which have remained lodged in your psyche ever since. If any surprising event or other mishap makes the presence of these hidden complexes known, rather than continuing to brush these under the rug, you benefit from allowing them greater conscious scope. Witnessing your reactivity as it arises that thus be extremely beneficial for you now.

Because Jupiter is so prominent in your current solar chart, and because it is exactly square to Uranus in Aries at the time of the New Moon, you could find that you have many brilliant ideas and epiphanies that help you greatly in resolving anything that might come up for you now. There are sure to be surprises and unexpected events as well, together with a basic optimism that is also very valuable as you sort out what you are actually up to. You are blessed with if anything too much positivity, so that a good dose of caution can be valuable as well, as a balance for going all out.