Cancer Horoscope for March 2014

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is yet another amazing month for you, Cancer. As you continue to reflect on life and love you are exploring your own unique pathway forward, and your deep intuition is supremely important for this process of self-discovery. As you work with your partnership dynamic in many different ways, you are feeling closer than ever to finding a career offering that makes sense to you all the way through. It is in the absolute alignment of your head and your heart, of your need to produce in order to survive coupled with your talents and your most deeply held convictions, that you will find true happiness. You are building to a better sense of this through the trials of real-world incidents along with the graceful experience of your inner, and essentially spiritual, understanding.

The February 28th Pisces New Moon, that essentially began the month, contributes to your way forward because it makes a very significant trine aspect to expansive Jupiter in your sign. You are therefore feeling a rush of optimism in these first two weeks of March that is really extraordinary, and lends to you the courage and the almost foolish optimism to forge ahead with what your true heart desires, in spite of everything. You might want to inject a dose of healthy caution into the mix, as you are so primed to go forward so fast that you might accidentally trip on the untied laces of your running shoes. That aside, this is a wonderful time to dare to dream and to begin to make that dream a more concrete reality for yourself; at least more so than anywhere that you have been able to arrive at thus far.

With Mars also stationing to retrograde motion just as the month begins, you are also looking more deeply into various matters that are close to your heart as well, including home and family concerns, and also your career choices. In your working and professional life, you have a series of opportunities that are presenting themselves to you now, so that discrimination must again be employed in order to make the best choices for yourself. In this you are aided by a super-developed intuition, tied to your inner process to which you have perhaps been more and more tuning in, and on which you can totally rely. If your gut tells you to go for it, or not, then you will find it tells you true; you only have to be sure you are reading your inner knowledge aright and not your fears. It is also important to note that the recent retrograde of Mercury implies that a couple or even three weeks into March might be a better time to branch out in any totally new directions.

Another factor that is quite powerful for you in these March skies is the positioning of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in the higher mind sector of your solar chart. This symbolism implies that you are getting a better handle on your own inner wounding, the residue of early trauma that, depending on your particular situation, might have been a thorn in your psyche for many years. This kind of wounding results in habitual patterning that could have become lodged in hidden-away places within you, and if so, this month is a truly excellent time to become more aware of them. These types of relatively unconscious knee-jerk reactions — that always seem to hit you from below — can suddenly lose their power to distract and to hold you back.

After mid-month you do have greater determination to be forging ahead with both professional objectives that you have been mulling over and for relationship issues as well. Your ongoing set of changes regarding partnership interaction is symbolized by transformational Pluto in your seventh solar sector, with an increasingly prominent dose of the trickster and intuitional energy of Uranus also more and more intensely along with Pluto in the mix. This has been a gradual learning curve, and one that has been a steady factor right up through to the beginning of this year, now getting steeper with the volatile and potentially drastic changes that this next month of April will bring.