Libra Horoscope for March 2014

Posted on February 27, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This late winter continues to be a wild ride for you, Libra. Another in a series of amazing months has you in its spell from the very beginning. Investigations regarding principles of service to the surrounding collective are morphing into a revolutionary concept of compassion as a mission statement. You are also looking more deeply into your connection with important partners, and the impact of relationship on your life in general. Surprising insights in this important area seem to arise out of the very heart of the universe itself. This is in the context of an extremely fortunate and at times startling success in the material realms, as you virtually redefine your creative output. All of which leaves you freer to ponder the extra-physical planes of existence that you are also visiting on a regular basis.

The Pisces New Moon of February 28th defines your month, as well as the newly retrograding Mars moving backwards through the last decant of your sign. The New Moon took place in your sixth solar sector, of day-to-day occurrences, health and fitness regimens and your workplace. There are implications for you to be seeing the true gold of spiritual connection amidst the routine of ongoing everyday affairs, and to be feeling into a sense of soul purpose, a reason for living that goes beyond the getting and spending of a purely material perspective.

With Mars in retrograde you are looking more deeply into everything, peering beneath the covers of all your activities, especially regarding the important relationships of your life. This is a long-term effect, which continues through the stormy tides of April and into mid-May, and is especially poignant for those Librans born in October, or with personal planets in mid to late Libra. There is a tendency with Mars for direct action and you feel this strongly, but with the retrograde the symbolism is there as well for indirect activity that brings you to the inside, going deep undercover with motivations that while yours, you could be less than fully aware of. These nonetheless exist for you in dream awareness on the very edges of waking reality. Getting more conscious with these types of interior motivations is perhaps one goal for this current monthly period from the standpoint of Goddess or your higher Self.

When you begin to witness these deeper levels you become aware of all kinds of old conditioning and past trauma that keeps your inner complexes hidden and allows dysfunctional patterns of behavior more power in your life than you need to grant. This makes for a chime with the heightened presence of Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in your sixth sector of service to others and conjunct the forward going New Moon. Being ready to move beyond old patterns could thus also be more fully up for you as this interesting and transitional month continues to unfold.

Another featured planetary archetype is represented by the expansive energy of Jupiter located in your sector of career and professional life and square to trickster Uranus. You are in a fortunate place right now with your presence on the public stage, and could be seeing leaps and bounds of forward movement that comes upon you rather suddenly. Even if the progress seems less than amazing, there is a font of excellent ideas that are ready to tumble into the hopper for you and that might easily affect you career-wise, perhaps arriving from the direction of helpful partners as another reflection of the strange nuances of your weaving. Relationships with others are amalgamating together with your own series of perceptions and growth, in the wake of last month's Mercury Retrograde period.

You are seeing the everyday affairs of your day-to-day existence and your professional life twist and turn in strange ways, all representing potential lessons that affect partner relations and your own self-development as a magical month of March continues to unfold.