A Mystical and Ceremonial Full Moon

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

Sunday morning's Full Moon is interesting because of what it says about where we are right now, and also because it lets us feel into where we are not; as we look inside for our answers and as well catch ourselves peering ahead to see just where our current circumstances will lead us. This Full Moon comes as a fulfillment of the impulse from the Pisces New Moon of two weeks past, and there is certainly a way that we have seen our dreams and our ideals come to a kind of fruition with the culmination of our recent and significant initiation into the subtle waters of the Piscean energy. This is all about finding our deeper feelings and more internal impulses. We are getting to know ourselves better in the innermost reaches of our souls, and the more we listen to our inner voice, the more we learn about our external functioning also, from the inside out.

At the time of this mid-month juncture, we have had two weeks of Mars in retrograde; Mars is the ruler of outgoing Aries and yet now he is in Libra where he is not at home, and moving backward through the sky rather than in the direction that he much prefers. This has definitely gotten us into a more inward-turning and self-reflective mode. This particular lunation makes another chime for this kind of internal self-exploration, with the Moon in late Virgo, in close semi-sextile to this retrograde Mars in Libra, and with the Sun in the final degrees of Pisces. The symbolism of this formation indeed leads us to celebrate self-knowledge that we have gained, not in the furor and accolades of the outer world but within ourselves. We are also feeling very much on the verge of something bigger and even more powerful still to come. The next New Moon cycle promises to be a good deal more dramatic, beginning two weeks hence on the 30th of March, and represents the prelude to an intensely transformational month of April that is yet to unfold.

Mercury is also involved at this time, being aspected by the Sun and Moon at the full, and in flowing aspect to the nodal axis, as it recovers its lost Zodiacal ground from the recent retrograde and prepares to re-enter Pisces. This is another imagery — in a poignant chime with the prominent retrograde of Mars — for our being in a more internal space than usual. If we are driven toward contemplation with this Full Moon, we ought to make it count. A move toward greater mindfulness in all that we do, and for our relationships, is definitely in order as the month continues to unwind and as we attempt to understand the cosmic currents of change running through us during this powerful passage to the springtime.

The Sabian symbols of this Full Moon lead us to a form blessing; for the Moon, occupying the 27th degree of Virgo, "Grand dames at tea," to which Marc Edmond Jones assigns the keyword APLOMB. Rudhyar had this to say: "Dignity, elegance and respect for formal rules are essential. Even now, in this age of crisis and world transformation, there may be times when honoring formal procedures can be of great value for the disordered and rebellious mind." For the Sun we find "A harvest moon." Marc Edmond Jones adds "a symbol for life's moments of culmination" and gives it the keyword BENEDICTION. This is indeed an appropriate emblem for such a lunar configuration as we now have, even in the incipient springtime; and one that leads us toward the notion of a kind of ritual ceremony. It is indeed by the formalism implicit in our lives that we go on, and it is also by adjustments to the rules that we have gotten stuck in that we continue to evolve. It seems that we need a bit of both in order that we, in tumultuously challenging and changing times, are able to survive and even to thrive.