Aries Horoscope for April 2014

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an exciting and also fraught month for you, Aries. You have tons of energy to be up and doing. A bright dawning beckons although with massive obstacles still to surmount. As the transformational impacts of a climactic early year multiply in the present timeframe, you are challenged to stay afloat. Yet, once you get past your resistance, the possibilities for positive results are virtually endless. Partnership in getting there is even more important for you now than before, and yet could feel like a two-edged sword, as you question certain parts of your relationship dynamic. Connections with others around you are crucial and life changing, while you feel the need to preserve your own individuality. The seeming answer could come suddenly, and still take months to work itself out.

As the month begins, you are riding the energy from the intense New Moon in your sign that took place just before April began, on March 30th. This once again stimulated the forming Uranus-Pluto square that is only a few weeks now from its next exact hit, and that speaks to you of transformation. Changes that have been accumulating for you over recent months may come to an even more poignant awareness during this current climactic lunar cycle, involving also greater integration of unconscious material, and a better sense of who you in essence consider yourself to be. The New Moon shows up in your first sector of identity, and is closely conjunct revolutionary Uranus that has been stirring you in fits and starts as you come to more closely understand yourself. You continue to discover new territory within your own persona, so that you may also find a renewed vitality and appreciation for how far you've come, as well as for the growth you are presently experiencing. Your sense of mission is amplified this month by a strong urge and ability to take action; this energy could also manifest in frustrations or aggression when things don't seem to go 'your way.'

The realm of your career and professional life continues to morph and shift, perhaps coming to a head after the mid-month Full Moon. This area, of your outer achievement, might thus be affected as well by developments in your home or family life. Either your private circumstances could be helpful and supportive of career advances, or it could possibly be distracting you from keeping your eye on the prize in terms of your own quest. Your home and family could be places where you find your energies tied up, so that you don't have as much focus or bandwidth for fulfilling your own concept of your mission, or else could be seen as an integral part of what you are actually up to. In any case, you possess a great deal of positivity and renewed faith for fine-tuning your dwelling space or your psychological home base.

Mars is Aries' ruling planet, and falls in your relationship sector during this monthly cycle. Partnership issues could therefore be stewing in the pressure cooker as well, and you find them correlating to your identity, your career, and your sense of your roots. All of these aspects of life are definitely in flux for you right now, and you just have to ride out the wave. Your sense of independence calls for you to be on your own, and yet at the same time you are magnetized to partnership. You win when you can embrace the paradox and let go of having expectations, taking an earnest and honest look at each moment as it comes.