Taurus Horoscope for April 2014

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an important and transitional month for you, Taurus, when you benefit from staying as open as possible. As you transform in your understanding of the world around you and the universe within, you are aware that your best inspiration comes from the inside. Your very dreams are full of practical information. You are likely reflecting on question marks regarding service to others, the impact of your relationships on your life generally, and your own arc of development in the context of these difficult times. Your expression of who you are and how you show up in public is becoming clearer and more committed; it makes more and more sense to be coming at the world from the standpoint of your whole entire self, including that of your unconscious process.

As the month begins, it is significant that its advent arrives closely following the March 30th New Moon, which sets the pattern for this month, having taken place in the twelfth sector of your solar chart that refers to dream imagination and unconscious process. You are likely therefore, through the course of another powerful monthly cycle, to be becoming more aware of your depths, that shadow part of your personality that compliments and adds important and relatively subtle meaning to the sunnier outer portions of your personality. You have lately been experiencing new insights into your habitual patterns. Due to the highlighted presence of Uranus in this same sector, a powerful urge for freedom could be welling from deep inside, an urge for liberating yourself from the constraints of old patterns that are no longer of any real use to you.

Because the transformational energies of Pluto are also invoked, residing in your ninth sector of higher mind activity — in collusion with the presence of Uranus in its placement that corresponds to these deeper areas of your psyche — issues of perception and belief are tied to such interior explorations with which you are currently engaging. You are therefore in the midst of a thoroughgoing metamorphosis, from the inside out, that also involves your perceptions of the world around you, and your beliefs in general. There could also be an element of tapping more deeply into collective awareness, utilizing the archetypal information that comes up for you now, in dreams and psychic realizations, as a tool for discovering hitherto unknown areas of your own inner workings.

You are as well, more than ever, a fully functioning inhabitant of the ordinary realm of achievement and responsibility. These depth researches in which with one part of your personality you are fully engaged do not in fact detract or distract you from your presence in outer world events, and your participation there might actually be enhanced by a greater understanding of your own depths. This also involves the ways in which you show up in service to others, which you are finding can mean something much different than you ever imagined. As you find innovative ways of sharing your unique gifts with others you simultaneously serve your own higher purpose.

You also could be finding within yourself a great emphasis on the power of faith, providing an emotional anchoring for you in this time of challenging transition. You have the synthesis of your own deep inner knowing, willingness to change and grow, sharing with others from a place of humble service, and the power of positive thinking and faith in the process of life. By allowing these to carry you through, a deeper sense of well being and peace becomes available.