Aries Horoscope for May 2014

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

The transformational beat continues, Aries. After a powerful month of April has brought to you great intensity of change, another amazing monthly cycle has you examining your values and taking yet another look inside to contemplate your deep inner process. You will likely encounter a further intimation of the deeper shifts in the modus operandi with which you approach the world around you. You are perhaps only now beginning to understand the changes that are taking place within you, in their full impact. You could as well be confronting subconscious fears that arise regarding this same feeling of inevitable transformation in terms of your public statement and in your very sense of identity. You possess remarkable enthusiasm now for perspective shifts and intuitional insight, and for what important partners in your life bring to the table.

As the month begins, you are still feeling the energy of the Solar Eclipse and New Moon that took place in your resources sector in the last few days of April and kicked off a new lunar cycle. You could be discovering that your finances are in better shape than you had previously imagined, or that some new take on the way that your handle them is coming into view. It is also possible that, on a deeper level, you are transforming in your ideas concerning the importance of your bank balance in conceptualizing your self-worth. This year has represented a powerful time of internal shifts for you, affecting how you do and envisage nearly everything, and 2014 is just getting started. Your very self-concept is rapidly changing, which you can track when you contemplate how you felt about yourself and your possibilities a few short weeks ago, at the very beginning of the year.

The areas of your life that are currently being affected are family, home, relationship and career, not to mention a sense of emerging identity that is very different than before. The peak moment of the cardinal cross has passed, but the remainder of this year, and into next, will continue to be active in this way for you. There is some degree of stress and also opportunity. In order to make the most of what is offered, the best idea is to witness everything that is going on for you, in as deep a way as possible, and to strive for discerning what your higher Self has to say about it all.

In this regard, relationship is also now a vitally important area for you. This is indicated in part by your ruler, Mars, in retrograde motion through your opposite sign of Libra. This indicates that you are therefore rethinking all the ways that you do relationship, and of what your underlying motive might actually consist. In collusion with this symbolism, as represented by your ruler moving backward in Libra, Venus, the ruler of your relationship sector, also enters your sign this month, on the 2nd. This is an astrological phenomenon known as mutual reception, and also describes an important link that is operating for you right now between self and other. The mutual reception of Venus and Mars across your ascendant and descendant provides a further indicator that partners and partnering are on your mind.

Intuitive inspiration, as represented by the highlighted presence of Uranus in your identity sector, has been operating in an enhanced fashion all this year, and this month is once again powerfully invoked. You possess an almost psychic ability right now to see into the undercurrents of what is happening to you, and through you. You therefore have available, in subtle ways, an extra set of antennae for picking up the vibes of whatever is going on around you, particularly with regard to interpersonal connection. There could be romantic sparks that fly, seemingly out of the blue, or surprising insights that arrive unbidden. You could be more readily tuning in to these rather ethereal indications beyond the more usual communications of the purely physical. This type of enhanced intuitional knowledge can serve you well, provided that you allow yourself to trust it.