Taurus Horoscope for May 2014

Posted on May 1, 2014 by Henry Seltzer of ASTROGRAPH.COM

This is an exciting month for you, Taurus, as you further explore the mostly positive changes that the universe has in store. You are feeling into a high regard for your place in the social setting and how you come across to others, and yet also retreating somewhat from outer activity into a world of your own devising. A meditative sensitivity seizes your soul and you do well to simply go with it. The transformational effects on your life flow symbolized by Uranus and Pluto in close aspect are still quite active, and contributory to your push for greater understanding of your relatively unconscious process and for your beliefs in general. You come out the other side with an enhanced position on internal integration and a more profound respect for where the cosmos seems to be leading you.

As the month begins, the excitement is building in the wake of the recent solar eclipse, dating from April 28th, that took place in your sign, symbolically equivalent to the identity sector of your solar chart. This represents a push within you for greater authenticity, which can also manifest as a healthy or less healthy "me-first" attitude. On the one hand, it is well said that in order to transcend the ego you must first fully embrace the egoic parts of yourself; and this is one way to conceptualize what is happening to you right now. On the other there are cautions that are also built in with this symbolism, namely that you have to take others in your life these into account days and these others are also symbolized prominently in these current skies.

The highlighted presence of Saturn in your partnership sector this month implies that as you reflect on your situation, one factor that comes up for greater focus and serious attention will be the impact that significant relationships have in providing a sense of limitation, that is in a cautionary and conservative way, and on your life in general. You could be currently experiencing an enhanced mentor connection with a partner these days, in either a romantic or a businesses context, and this could be tied to deep reflection and your expanding worldview. While your own arc of development is your primary concern right now, the help of important others could be instrumental in assisting you to more fully understand your perspective, or could also prove useful in providing a contrasting viewpoint to push against in refining your own.

Your ruler, Venus, is located in your twelfth solar sector of unconscious process, further emphasizing this area of life for you. Later in the month, Venus makes a prominent conjunction with Uranus, the flighty and yet inspirational energy that has been growing in strength for you all year. Therefore feelings of inspiration could be coming up for you now, and you do well to stay as open as you can to their subtle messages. These can take the form of intuitional knowing that is just simply available to your mind when you need it most, and also could come to you through the agency of others around you as well.

All of these nudges from the universe are pushing you in a direction that is appropriate for your own spiritual evolution, although this might have been far from obvious at the time. Your worldview is expanding in relatively subtle ways over the course of a climactic year, and you benefit from allowing the cosmos to take charge from time to time. Your very nature will not permit entirely abandoning the wheel of your ship of state, but it might be a comfort to recognize that it is really not all up to you, as you negotiate the shoals and difficult passages that lie ahead, to ensure that you are staying in approximately the right channel.