How Astrology Can Provide a Roadmap to Your Life!


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Are you interested in learning Astrology from a renowned Astrologer at your own pace?

Would you like to know not only the basics of Astrology but how one goes about reading a chart?

If so, we highly recommend Henry Seltzer's Astrology 101 course that reveals how he looks at Western Astrology in general and chart reading in particular.

Henry's interpretations are used by professional astrologers all over the world and now you can learn from this master interpreter the way he looks at charts.

"What I want people to get out of my course is self-knowledge; the understanding of what methods Astrologers regularly use in practicing their art; the revelation that Astrology really works, and the tremendous shift in world-view that accompanies that epiphany. By looking into their own chart they can gain self-knowledge, and by checking out the charts of others around them they can help these other seekers with their own growth and transformation."

Henry Seltzer, Astrologer
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$97 onetime payment

Course Curriculum

Recorded from a live webinar course, each lesson is 90 minutes in length and is a downloadable video. The course includes instruction as well as example readings. You will receive a recommended reading list, get access to a private community of fellow students on Facebook, plus a bonus webinar on Eris!

Video 1 - The Building Blocks: Signs, Houses, Planets and Aspects

  • Elements as foundational to the signs
  • Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable signs
  • Degrees on the chart and in the Zodiac
  • How does Astrology work?
  • Aspects connecting planets; easy to see and harder
  • Tarot Symbolism/Major Arcana Correspondences
  • Signs versus constellations; the thirteenth constellation

Video 2 - Natal Charts & Patterns

  • The way into the chart; chart rulers; Oken, Idemon
  • Planetary patterns
  • Aspect patterns
  • Repeated themes in the natal chart

Video 3 - Transiting Aspects

  • The timing of transits of the inner and outer planets
  • The 2-degree rule; kinds of aspects
  • Transiting planet – transited planet
  • New Moons, Full Moons, eclipses
  • Yods

Video 4 - Progressions

  • The timing of progressions of the inner planets
  • Secondary, Tertiary, and Solar Arc progressions
  • The Progressed Ascendant
  • The free-standing Progressed Chart
  • Chart Relocation

Video 5 - How to give a basic reading

  • How do you get into the chart; what comes first?
  • Interpretive Astrology; Practice with others.

Video 6 - More Advanced Tools & Issues

  • Graphical Ephemeris
  • TimePassages Advanced Functions
  • Questions about the course as a whole
  • Midpoints


  • You will receive a special bonus webinar about Eris, the planet that Henry discusses in his book The Tenth Planet: Revelations from the Astrological Eris
  • MP4 downloads of each class
  • Invite to Private Facebook Group


Download Webinar

$97 onetime payment


What people have said about working with Henry:

"Your interpretations are overall so much more insightful than the typical report writer that I can use them readily for teaching without any qualifications."