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This conversion utility takes as input the Time Cycles / Io chart files - found by default in "Documents / Io Files / Charts Folder" - and converts them into a flat TimePassages Import file. For each of your chart collections, you will upload the Io file, convert it, and then download the .qsv file that will be readable by the TimePassages Import function (located in the File menu). After this Import function completes, your charts will be available in the TimePassages format.

This chart conversion utility is supplied by Astrograph for your use to convert any of your own charts (that you have directly created) from the Time Cycles format to the TimePassages Import file. It is NOT licensed or authorized to be used to convert any of the Time Cycles sample charts. The Time Cycles sample charts are the intellectual property of Time Cycles Research, and thus subject to their copyright, and are not to be so converted.

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