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Henry Seltzer's Notes on the Candidates

Barack Obama

Leo Sun
Gemini Moon
Aquarius Rising

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Joe Biden

Scorpio Sun
Taurus Moon
Sagittarius Rising

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John McCain

Virgo Sun
Aquarius Moon
Pisces Rising

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Sarah Palin

Aquarius Sun
Aquarius Moon
Leo Rising

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In reviewing the candidates' charts, Barack Obama's Aquarius rising and Uranus - North Node conjunction stands out (Obama's Full Natal Report). We might expect a strong Uranus from him, since that planet stands above all for revolutionary change. Obama's campaign is all about change, and the time itself cries out for change, with transiting Uranus in the sky exactly opposing Saturn on Election Day. Uranus, that planetary energy that represents change at all cost, inevitable change that moves the culture closer to an enlightened position, the "New Age" if you will, exactly opposes Saturn, representing the energy for limitation, for looking before you leap, and for the conservative position of the status quo. It is tempting to say that the McCain – Palin ticket represents this force for the status quo, but of course it is not that simple.

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