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Compatibility Add-on

TimePassages Compatibility Add-on is a fully integrated add-on to TimePassages Astrology Software*. With the Compatibility Report Add-on, you can display interpretations for the inter-aspects between two charts to see just how compatible you are with family, business partners, or lovers. You can optionally include the romantic text. The text was developed by astrologers Henry Seltzer and Peter Blue Eagle, and has been praised in American Astrology magazine as "one of the best on the market" today.

* The Compatibility add-on requires TimePassages Standard or Advanced Edition.

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Compatibility Add-on


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Compatibility Add-on Features

Comparison Bi-wheel and Composite Chart Techniques
Compare two individual's charts, either as a Comparison Bi-Wheel, with one chart surrounding the other or as a Composite chart of the two individual's put together and read as one chart.

Compatibility Report
Includes up to 30 pages of interpretation text written by astrologers Henry Seltzer and Peter Blue Eagle for the inter-aspects between two charts, or Chart Synastry. Print the full Compatibility Report which lists these powerful interpretations with the most important inter-aspects first, and gives an in-depth reading of the relationship potential.

Includes romantic / non-romantic option
So you can easily explore the relationship between not only lovers, but business partners, family, and friends.

Loads with a code No extra files are required (the files are there already in the Standard or Advanced Edition of TimePassages, in encrypted form, awaiting the code to turn them on).


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