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natal chart screenshot
The natal chart features the chart itself plus the degress of both the transitting planents and the natal planets.

natal chart
chart interpretation screenshot
Clicking on any symbol on the chart will initiate a window describing and interpreting that feature of the specific chart in great detail.

natal chart interpretation window
astro map screenshot
The Astro Maps are full color satellite maps with culminating rising and setting planet lines that show you where to look for opportunity.

astro map
aspect grid screenshot
Graphic layout of aspects includes all major and minor aspects plus the parallels and contra-parallels, all with Point & Click Interpretations.

aspect grid
chart data entry window screenshot
The data entry window can find the cooridnates for thousands of cities world-wide and allows you to set what type of chart and what house the chart should render.

chart data entry window
triwheel screenshot
The triwheel allows you to display natal, transit, and progressed planets all on one wheel.

chart options screenshot
The chart options window allows you to set dozens of variations for how your chart will be displayed by TimePassages.

chart options window
biwheel screenshot
transits interpretation window screenshot
transits interpretation
timeline screenshot
With the transit timeline you can track the eb and flow of transits over time with this graphical layout of curves representing each planets aspects for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months.

custo points screenshot
custom points window
aspect orbs screenshot
aspect orbs window


Windows icon Mac OSX icon TimePassages is available for both Windows and macOS operating systems.
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