Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon in Sagittarius

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The Full Moon of early Monday, June 4th, is another eclipse, the second of a pair. Coming as it does as the flowering of a big cycle begun with the Solar Eclipse of last May 20th, in which not only the mystical and subtle energies of Neptune but also the stormy transformative strength of Pluto was invoked, this Full Moon eclipse in mid-Sagittarius is guaranteed to be special, if only by virtue of its position in a climactic cycle, a cycle in which Venus retrogrades and crosses the Sun for the last time in this century while the Uranus-Pluto square draws ever nearer, to complete by the last week of the month in the extremely dynamic First Quarter Moon of June 26th.

There are further echoes of Uranus and Pluto in this Full Moon configuration, since Jupiter in the last few degrees of Taurus is now in close contra-parallel with Pluto, while the eclipse Moon trines Uranus, just as their square draws closer than 1 degree. Then, Jupiter enters Gemini, touching off the solar eclipse degree, on the powerful day of Monday, June 11th, and reminds us one more time yet again to remain as conscious as possible as we go through this climactic time period. We must remember, always, that the real reason for whatever happens to us as we move through these difficulties is the potential for change. As a noted astrologer remarks, if you have a difficult experience and do not learn from it, and use that experience to ratchet yourself upwards a notch on the ladder of your personal evolution, what's the point?

Venus too is highlighted now, just one day before the Transit of Venus, during which time it will be possible to see the tiny shadow of the relationship planet cross the massive solar disk. This symbolically implies the potential for greater consciousness in application to all our relationships; so that in the best of outcomes the concept of "right relationship" can come into its own. The artist within you is also inspired, and might find a very different way to actualize as the Venus retrograde phase completes by month's end. This also implies a shift in the way that you find relationship operating in your life, as Venus changes from the Evening Star to the Star of Morning, rising for the first time on the 12th. It might benefit you to imagine what that might mean symbolically for you and your relationships, and for how the concept of relationship impinges on your life. Is there a place within you where you do not fully meet the Other as you go through? And is there any way that you can shine more brightly? It is important not to neglect that all-important important relationship with yourself, or, if you prefer, with the divine – as represented by your Higher Self.

This powerful monthly cycle opens a doorway into the last half of 2012 and to the further metamorphosis of our society that awaits. We ourselves in our individual lives are in the midst of massive change that will eventually take us to a farther shore. The magical grace of the cosmos holds us up, on that we can and must rely or everything is dark and gloomy. And with that fundamental optimism as our guide, we can only benefit from whatever goes down.

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