Relationship Report Sale

We have astrology reports for every kind of relationship.
So you can find your astrological compatibility with friends, lovers, or business partners.

What type of Relationship Report do you need?
It depends on what kind of relationship you have - read the descriptions below.

Romantic Compatibility

Romantic Compatibility Report

For everything from a passing crush to a serious relationship. Find out how your individual charts interact to create your unique chemistry.
Uses chart comparison technique.

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"It was uncanny how accurate it was!
My partner and I had tears in our eyes when we read it because it was so true. I don't know how it works, but that report really nailed it!"

WG, Satisfied Customer
Relationship Report

Long-term Relationship Report

For long-term relationships and soul mates. Learn how your two charts merge into one to form a chart of the relationship itself.
Uses chart composite technique.

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Romantic Compatibility

Harmony Report

Find your best matches for harmony in business, friendship and family.
Uses non-romantic chart comparison technique.

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TimePassages Relationship Report Add-ons Sale

All TimePassages Add-ons require TimePassages Standard or Advanced Edition.

TimePassages add-on modules are easy to add on to your existing TimePassages Astrology Software. We will email you an enabling code which will unlock the features in your software. No extra software or installation necessary!

Relationship Insights Add-on
On Sale!

Relationship Insights Package

Gain insight into your relationships with our popular Compatibility and Relationship Reports. This complete Relationship Insights package combines the two add-ons listed below and empowers you to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the relationships in your life, including family members, business partners, lovers, and more.

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[Lennon and Ono's Chart]
Comparison Bi-wheel Technique
Compatibility Add-on

Compatibility Add-on

Explore interpretations for the comparison bi-wheel technique, or synastry, with TimePassages' outstanding Compatibility Report Add-on.

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Relationship Add-on

Relationship Add-on

Investigate the astrology of the relationship itself, using the powerful composite chart method to explore the fusion of two individual charts.

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