Celebrity Sample Charts

TimePassages comes complete with hundreds of celebrity sample charts.
Here are just a few example charts with their interpretation reports as generated by TimePassages Astrology Software. We hope that this will give a sense of what the software is capable of, as well as providing interesting reading material on the lives of people we all know.

John Lennon Barack Obama
George Lucas George W Bush
Christopher Reeve Bill Clinton
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Marilyn Monroe
Dane Rudhyar  

john lennon John Lennon

In the few days surrounding May 15, 1968 John decided to end his marriage with his first wife, Cynthia, based on his feeling that Yoko was "the one." By mid-June, they were a couple.

John Lennon's natal chart John Lennon's Natal Interpretation
John Lennon's transits Transits Interpretations for May 15, 1968
John Lennon's progressions Progressions Interpretations for May 15, 1968
Jonh Lennon's Compatibility Report with Yoko Ono Compatibility Report with Yoko Ono
Jonh Lennon's Relationship Report with Yoko Ono Relationship Report with Yoko Ono


george lucas George Lucas

The release of the first Star Wars film in May of 1977 made George Lucas an overnight success. At the time, transiting Jupiter was trine his natal Moon, as was transiting Pluto, making a Grand Trine, while Saturn opposed it - each within a few minutes of a degree. Mercury and Uranus were square it. His natal Moon is in the tenth House of career and public appearances, fame.

George Lucas' natal chart George Lucas' Natal Interpretations
George Lucas' transits chart Transits Report for May 25, 1977


christopher reeve Christopher Reeve

Chris Reeve, who played superman in four movies, suffered a tragic accident when riding in a dressage competition on May 27, 1995. His horse balked at a jump, his hands became entangled in the reins so that he had no protection, and he was flung head-first into the barrier. An upper vertebrae in his neck snapped and he became paralyzed from the head down. At first he wanted to end his life, but was deterred by his wife who had total faith in him. Although he has since died, in October 2004, in the period of nine years that followed his accident, he became a film director as well as a public speaker on behalf of spinal cord research. He inspired many with the concept that they and he would one day regain the use of their limbs. About his movie career he said that he "failed upward" and was always meant to direct.

Christopher Reeve's natal chart Christopher Reeve's Natal Interpretation
Christopher Reeve's transits chart Transits Report for May 27, 1995


brad pitt and angelina jolie Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie [Top]
Brad Pitt's natal chart Brad Pitt's Natal Interpretation
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Comparison Chart Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Comparison Interpretations


marilyn monroe Marilyn Monroe [Top]
Marilyn Monroe's Natal Chart Marilyn Monroe's Natal Interpretation


barack obama Barack Obama [Top]
Barack Obama's Natal Chart Barack Obama's Natal Interpretation


george w bush George W Bush [Top]
George W Bush's Natal Chart George W Bush's Natal Inerpretation
Transits for November 7, 2000 Transits Report for November 7, 2000
Transits Chart for November 2, 2004 Transits Report for November 2, 2004


bill clinton Bill Clinton [Top]
Bill Clinton's Natal Chart Bill Clinton's Natal Interpretation
Bill Clinton's Transits Transits Interpretation for 8/17/1998
Bill Clinton's Progressions Progressions Interpretation for 8/17/1998


dane rudhyar Dane Rudhyar [Top]
Dane Rudhyar's Natal Chart Dane Rudhyar's Natal Interpretation
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