Aquarius Horoscope for June 2014

Aquarius Horoscope for June 2014

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You are in for yet another month of interesting events and reactions, Aquarius. Although the intensity of recent weeks is winding down, inner realms as well as outer presentation remain an important focus for change, and are being brought into greater conscious awareness over the course of the present monthly cycle. Mercury Retrogrades this month, implying increased introspection. You are looking more deeply into your creative process as a powerful factor for the transformation of the deepest and most hidden parts of yourself. As you descend into your depths, you are reestablishing at the surface layers a more integrated personality. Your relationship to the physical outer world is important now. You could find yourself in a process of the deconstruction of everything that you understand about materiality, in order to rebuild it again on a better foundation.

As the month begins, the airy energy of the recent Gemini New Moon stays with you and excites your mind. Having taken place in your fifth sector of offspring and creativity, this New Moon configuration from the middle of the last week of May is powerful, stimulating your self-expression. Because making an exact square to Neptune as well, this New Moon invites daydreams and fantasies to run rampant through your expressive output. You could feel drawn to bringing otherworldly visions through, into concrete form. You could also in this process somewhat lose your sense of which end is up, because Neptune is equally known for a certain degree of confusion.

In terms of your creative output, there is another factor at play, and that is Mars, regaining his forward momentum after just recently having stationed to direct motion. Closely trined by the New Moon, the passionate energy of the Red Planet is feeding the flames of your urge to create. Your horizons potentially expand as Mars passes through your sector of higher learning, thus supporting and nurturing your sense of vitality and conceptual connection with the universe.

Just as the wheels of progress are getting greased in this way, the retrograde of Mercury changes things. Your own forward momentum is delayed when Mercury stops dead still in the sky and then begins its apparent backward motion in the early morning hours of Saturday, June 7th. This takes place with Mercury in Cancer, the sector of everyday health concerns and workplace issues. You might find also that you are refining your concept of how to best put your energy toward your sense of mission in life, finding that contribution that is uniquely yours to make. Mercury re-enters Gemini on the 17th, corresponding to your self-expression sector, so that in this mid-month time frame you are rethinking your creative output and your communication in a big way.

This could create a degree of discomfort if you stay stuck on your desire to move rapidly ahead, as your urge to share and emote is so strong right now. By contrast, the energy of retrograde Mercury is an inward turning one. Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to stew and churn in your own deliciously creative juices, waiting and listening for the right July moment to allow it all to burst forth in all its glory.

While this current cycle represents a welcome change from the intensity brought about in recent months, you yet possess a strong undercurrent of transformation and personal growth as you navigate this month's astrology. The depth of your inner work is revealed by the continuing grand trine between Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter in the Water signs, thus inviting another and more introspective look into your own depths. Any wounding you might have around attaining or possessing material wealth could come up at this time, and, as indicated by Saturn passing through your tenth sector, these are logically related to any perceived or real limitations to be encountered as you forge ahead with your career. Jupiter passing through your sector of day-to-day life invites an optimistic outlook that can be applied to every situation of the moment, and points toward expanding your role in service to others. As you generate newfound faith and joy in each present moment, this makes for a beautiful gift to share. Great benefit is gained when the painful places within you, stemming from prior trauma, can be treated with acceptance, allowing you to move forward with a spirit of genuine curiosity and generosity.

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