Aries Horoscope for November 2022

Aries Horoscope for November 2022

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This is another extremely transformational month for you, Aries, and it seems that the hits just keep on coming, now and through to the ending of the year. You may well be presented with unexpected career choices so that you will need to pay utmost attention to everything that is going on, trying your very best to discover your own correct pathway forward. A fundamental optimism that has been your calling card lately is shifting, becoming more internally derived, with the feeling that it is all up to you – the way that you will proceed. Partnerships are key. Relationship situations can become difficult and, as well, transformative, leading you out of yourself in ways that break from tradition. As you feel yourself changing, it is important that you recognize the benefits of the metamorphosis that is taking place. This is perhaps an uncertain birth, although it is one that is vital for your continued growth and evolution. Discernment is required, and presence. Your head in the sand instead of attending to decisions will only postpone the reckoning. Facing forward on the other hand will serve you well as you grow and internally prosper.

The following was written by our resident monthly columnist Elodie St-Onge Aubut of Ninth House Astrology

The recent solar eclipse New Moon in Scorpio that took place on October 25th set the stage for what unfolds during the first three weeks of November. This extra-powerful New Moon reflects astrological currents that have to do with intimate and business partnerships, your resources, and the agreements or contracts you have with others. Warrior planet Mars, the ruler of your sign, slowing down preparing to retrograde, closely squared Eris, the new planet beyond Pluto, in this recent eclipse New Moon, while making an inconjunct angle to transformational Pluto in Capricorn. In summary, although key partnerships in your life enter this picture, there is likely to be a continued shake up of how you feel about current career moves in this late fall period, and you are encouraged to take the best stand that you can for yourself, consistent with what you adhere to in terms of your deepest principles.

Mars also stationed retrograde in Gemini on October 30th, just before the month began, which likely brings an important reassessment of your overall direction particularly in November’s onset. This reflects on your communications and learning, also your skills and how to better utilize them. If you are spending more time collaborating with others these days, you could feel certain apprehensions or find yourself wondering if this is furthering your objectives or slowing you down. You may be caught between your personal investments and your collaborations with others, hesitating about where to put your energies. There could be a scattering influence permeating this time period that could eventually help you clarify your personal objectives when you can tune in deeply. Although things could seem to be pulling you in different directions during the first half of November, assessing and potentially revising your commitments to others might help you gain greater clarity with regard to your personal needs and desires for the future.

The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on November 8th, and is a total lunar eclipse taking place in the part of your chart that relates to your sense of independence and your personal resources. The eclipse Full Moon forms a same-degree conjunction to Trickster Uranus, highlighting unpredictable factors you may have had to contend with, especially when it comes to your sense of financial stability or questions of autonomy. You may have many opportunities brewing at this time without really knowing the sustainability or long-term viability of these various pathways or ideas. This Full Moon also features Mercury in Scorpio conjunct the Sun for its superior conjunction and this factor implies epiphanies or increased clarity surrounding what you share with others. Conversations around intimacy and mutual support might in fact be on the table.

A longer process taking place may however make immediate solutions elusive. The days following the lunar eclipse in Taurus could bring negotiations, but with Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio forming a square to Saturn in Aquarius, the roadblocks may be more obvious than the straight-ahead pathways.

You could feel introspective leading to the third week of November, thanks to Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Scorpio aspecting Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. It might be a good time to reflect on your long-term goals and aspirations without drawing too many hard conclusions. This could be an inspired period and you could feel the shape of things to come but it might be hard to stick to anything solid.

Perspective could shift considerably around the 16th, when both Venus and Mercury ingress into Sagittarius, corresponding to your vision sector, which will revitalize this area in the weeks ahead. Recent reflections surrounding what you want and need could begin to feel more coherent and it also might be easier to tap into your sense of faith at this time. You could more securely trust that you are being guided.

The Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd, joining Venus and Mercury there, just ahead of the Sagittarius New Moon a day later, on the 23rd. signaling the beginning of a new lunar cycle. This New Moon, just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., takes place in the part of your chart that relates to learning, teaching, traveling, and broader perspectives. Jupiter is also stationing direct in late Pisces, carrying a similar astrological message. This is a fertile moment in your month, especially for things that take you out of your comfort zone towards bigger possibilities. Although you may still have some important things to figure out, events now could help you to connect to your sense of faith and trust in the processes currently taking place in your life.

The last two days of November could also be quite busy and productive, so you might want to prepare for new decisions and realizations. Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Saturn in Aquarius while forming an opposition with Mars retrograde in Gemini and this could highlight the path ahead and the potential blocks or the work required to get there. You may come to realize that you know way more than you give yourself credit for which also means there are more opportunities available than you originally thought. The world could be your oyster, as they say, with here and there an attitude shift.

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