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Capricorn Horoscope for April 2012

Capricorn Horoscope for April 2012

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

You are in a testing time for your endurance and for your faith, Capricorn. A basic instability at the very core of your being is getting even more intense and forcing changes that you didn?t think you were entirely ready for. Your way of showing up in the world is subject to drastic revisions, and especially any remnant of defining yourself in terms of outer accomplishment. A new way of achievement could be coming into view that melds career with idealistic soul mission. Things are not what they used to be, and what is more they might never go back to being that way again. This counts as a difficulty, but if only you can latch on to the half-full portion of the water glass, what an opportunity to remake your world.

As the month begins, you are riding out the wake of the powerful New Moon from the last ten days of the previous month, which took place in your sector of home, family and tribe. You are beginning to more fully recognize that things are in flux for you in a major way. A basic instability at the very core of your being is troubling and yet has its uses. You are in the midst of an important process of reviewing and resettling yourself into a new home base configuration, and there are undoubtedly further surprises and synchronicities to be encountered there as the month unfolds. The coincidences are mounting up. Although These come potentially as a culmination of a series of unintended and even startling events and conundrums concerning your home environment, including your physical home, where a remodel or potential purchase might have had unexpected results or consequences, and as well an expanded sense of psychological home base that represents the way you feel at home in this world. perhaps shocking and destabilizing, these events and realizations are enabling you to take a broader viewpoint of your family scene and of life in general. Without the major shift in perspective implied by these changes you would be far more likely to remain stuck in your same old rut, a track that has become too limiting, and that steers you instead of you it. The open doorway implied by a larger and more cosmic vision of your surroundings might yet allow a welcome breeze to blow through your life. The Full Moon that takes place on Friday, April 6th, is in some ways a pacifier, taking you to a lull in the drama of your existence. Everything changes and yet stays the same, which is a paradoxical but quite accurate manner of looking at things. You are done with concerns of status and worldly ambition and yet you are still engaged with these things, although perhaps with another corner of your mind you are feeling your way into a more mystical approach. The week leading up to this shift in the tidal forces has also seen the station of Mercury to direct motion in your communication sector, so that you are more freed up to express yourself in language via conversation or in writing. With the First Quarter Moon in your sign of Friday, April 13th, when Mars also turns to direct motion, the symbolism of the Neptune archetype, representing a numinous and otherworldly side of your emerging philosophy, is even more greatly emphasized. This unseen world has been a factor for many weeks now, but more pronounced lately, and closer to home. This is antithetical to the brass tacks reality at which you excel, but in many ways it forms a nice complement to the more restrained and logical side of your personality. In any case, in a time when you are attempting to solidify and make concrete the various changes going on inside you, a healthy dose of the mystical might be just the thing, enabling you to capitalize on information that comes to you from a deeply intuitive place, without prejudice. As the old adage goes, if you can?t beat ?em, join ?em. The New Moon of Saturday, April 21st, taking place another week further on in your self-expression sector, is also very creative and life energizing as well as somewhat mysterious for you. The potential is there for illusion and confusion as well as for elusive enlightenment, so that discrimination still needs to be employed to get the best out of this time period. Ideas continue to come fast and furious in this important and psychically significant time, and what is more are likely to be acted upon rather than representing fragmented thoughts that go nowhere. The weekend that concludes the month of April is another powerful time, when doorways within your psyche will be available to you and when you will be both stretched and rewarded for remaining as open as you can to the cosmic currents that bear you onward.

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