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An Optimistic Last Quarter Moon

An Optimistic Last Quarter Moon

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This Saturday's Last Quarter Moon marks a time to reflect on and be thoughtful about how the changes of the past three weeks and over the course of a tumultuous summer have affected us; and where we are heading in our lives generally. There's quite a lot of mental energy implicit in this line-up, with the Sun closely conjunct Mercury, representing mind, and with the Sun and Mercury in square to Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury's sign of mental process. Mars also aspects Jupiter while the Moon is closely conjunct, so this period of the first two weeks of September represents an extremely optimistic time as well, a time when we feel that we can succeed in spite of everything.

This optimism was reflected in the political events of the week leading up to this powerful configuration, when former President Bill Clinton really fired up the DNC crowd, and observers all around the country, with his well-constructed rhetoric. As he came on stage the band was playing "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow," his signature piece from the 1992 campaign, in a perfect chime to the symbolism of a prominent Jupiter in Gemini. Of course this also fits well with Obama's primary message of "hope" and "change we can believe in" coming back for a rerun in the final stages of his campaign for reelection. Jupiter is all about the future, and indeed this is a viewpoint that has much to recommend itself, since change cannot accomplish its mission in terms of the past, but only in the evolving future. As the song goes on to say, "yesterday's gone."

The fundamental optimism represented by Jupiter gives us a much-needed boost in our personal lives as well, in the midst of a difficult time. Uranus and Pluto are within ½ a degree now of completing the second pass on their square that has been the keynote of this climactic year, symbolizing the evolutionary pressure on our society and on every individual within it to change or to decline. Venus is now in Leo and is beginning to make strong aspects to both of these power planets, so that we will see even more pressure upon each of us and on our relationships also, in the week leading up to the Virgo New Moon of September 15th and the exact hit of Uranus-Pluto a few days after that. If we do not take up the challenge of our times, through fear or lack of understanding of what we face, we will suffer from those backward choices. This is natural law.

Since Venus is simultaneously making its inconjunct to Neptune, with Saturn also closing in on a trine, there are also potential illusions to contend with as we reexamine our situation. We are wise to temper hope and optimism with a healthy dose of good old Saturnian caution at this time, as we approach the New Moon that leads us into last half of the month and on into October. In the intervening time we are enjoined by this lunar phase to make the best possible use of the witness within us, by constantly watching our moves and attempting to discern our true motivations; as exhibited within our relationships, and in our actions on behalf of constructive change.

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