A Profoundly Formative and Challenging Last Quarter Moon

A Profoundly Formative and Challenging Last Quarter Moon

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Friday morning's Last Quarter Moon is an interesting configuration, bringing the signs of Pisces, for the Sun, and Sagittarius, for the Moon, into greater connection by virtue of the creative tension of the square between them. This phase also indicates a re-invigoration of consciousness in a new and slightly different direction, as we reflect on and act in accord with the information that has been gained over the preceding three weeks of this intense lunar cycle. This is extremely poignant now, because Uranus and Pluto are drawing quite near to the perfection of their square, coming up in the next few days, on Monday, March 16th. It could be the time for right action on the part of each one of us, in the direction that we see possible in order to move things forward. We each have the ability to act upon our instincts in formulating our chosen task. This is work that must be done, by each of us in his or her own way. This is in order that we might bring about the manifestation of the new world that is forming from the ashes of the old, which is being irrevocably left behind.

In the timing of this quarter Moon configuration, Mars conjuncts Uranus, triggering the forming Uranus-Pluto square alignment that references radical transformation, while both these are as well still magnified by Jupiter in Leo. We therefore have another mini-hit of the ongoing collision of revolutionary and evolutionary energies that is the defining symbolism of this fractious decade. In the news of the world we can see that things are indeed heating up, with few if any solutions in sight; or perhaps another way to put it is the obvious statement that there are few solutions except for an increase in consciousness that is called for on a mass level, a call that is more and more emphatic as time goes on. The days are growing short to act before things get much further out of sympathy with a necessary compassionate approach. It really is up to the conscious attunement of each one of us, and for what we can provide to our surrounding social setting, in accordance with the level of awareness that we each bring. We denizens of our troubled planet are all part of the chain of events leading us from the world that we currently inhabit to the one that is concretely possible. This new world is only a small gesture away, if that gesture were to be made by a large enough number of people.

Another interesting factor additionally highlighted in the astrology of this Friday's quarter Moon configuration is the new planet, Eris, beyond Pluto. This 'dwarf planet' was only named as recently as 2006. The Sun and Moon in their momentary square alignment closely connect with Eris in the same degree of the sign that follows the Sun's current sign, namely Aries. This planetary archetype, having been researched extensively by myself and a few others, to my way of thinking definitively represents a powerful warrior energy that comes from deep inside oneself. This is an important component of self-hood. You are finding your true purpose, your most profound intention for yourself. what you were brought into this lifetime to accomplish, that which you cannot not do, once you understand the soul-level mission or task that is uniquely your own. This is thus an important archetype for our era, as the time has truly come when everyone must stand up and be counted.

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun and Moon in this Last Quarter Moon configuration are enlightening. They are, for the Sun in the 23rd degree of Pisces: "Spiritualist phenomena," which reminds us of the bridge between the worlds that exists and that represents an opening. The way through our difficulties with the purely physical one that we inhabit with our five senses might be to make a move in perception — and in consciousness — that includes, literally, other dimensions of existence. Marc Edmond Jones remarks that this is "a symbol of the organic integrity of the world at large, evident here in man's facility for actual and conscious cooperation with the potentials of an immortal reality." For the Moon in the same degree of Sagittarius we find: "Immigrants entering," and Jones comments that "Reality is never more sure than when regrasped in a radical reorientation." Indeed we are all immigrants here in these earthly realms, travellers from afar, so that we do much better and perhaps feel easier once we remember to acknowledge this simple, inescapable and yet also somehow quite startling fact.

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