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A First Quarter Moon of Divine Evolution

A First Quarter Moon of Divine Evolution

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By for ASTROGRAPH Horoscopes

The First Quarter Moon of April 12th, at 12:06 pm PDT, accentuates the intense evolutionary developments that are currently churning in collective human consciousness. This lunar phase represents the springtime stage when a plant is working hard to establish itself, when difficulties are encountered, and when there is required a tremendous output of energy. So, too, is this mirrored in the lunar cycle for each one of us in terms of personal process. Because this is the time when the intentions and seeds that we’ve sown on the New Moon are being put into action, effort and stamina is essential to put forth what is required for our vision to blossom and to grow. The Moon, at 22º of Cancer, in her rulership, is square the Sun at 22º Aries, while we also find Saturn and Pluto, paired, in similar degrees of Capricorn, thus in square with the Sun and opposite the Moon, and forming a T-square to the Aries Sun degree. This is an immensely potent configuration. Saturn and Pluto remain in close parallel to each other, and are now as near to longitudinal conjunction, at about 2 ½ degrees apart, as they will get until the very end of this year. This is pending the retrograde of Pluto on April 24th and Saturn on the 29th. The difficulties of this lunar phase are thus greatly extended in this Saturn-Pluto presence, that serves to indicate that we are indeed on the griddle of life process, facing tremendous changes on both a societal and a personal level, as we move toward the climatic year of 2020. We also find within these placements an emotional dimension of impulse and yearning to move forward; with deep consideration of the past, as well as a fervent hunger to proceed onward into the future.

The Moon is also in nearly exact conjunction to the North Node, bringing, on the part of the universe, a strong and nurturing presence to our visions (as well as our concerns) for the future. Saturn and Pluto in their conjunction are also found conjunct with the South Node, falling between them, and this dynamic configuration is asking us to assess and really hone in on some very deep karmic homework. The Sun’s position in square to this axis is at what we call the “bending of the nodes,” in this case the South bending, indicating it is of the nature of the South Node, which has a releasing quality. This activation of the lunar nodal axis invites us to synthesize a blend of energies that is not usually so accessible in personal terms, helping us to transmit profoundly energetic evolutionary information into a form more easily recognized and digested by us as individuals. Pluto and Saturn, combined with the South Node, ask us to be active participants in unearthing and transforming unhealthy patterns and structures that are no longer in alignment for us; we are being asked at this crucial timing to implement a new pattern and system that is – by our active intention and ongoing listening – in alignment with our highest good. This is also a powerful chime with cosmic energies that are here to support humanity in its advancement. All this is leading us toward the massive societal transformations of 2020, when the paradigm-shifting nature of the Saturn-Pluto duo reaches full force.

There is a positive note expressed here as well, by Jupiter, standing still in the sky, in close aspect to Pluto, and to the new planet, Eris, Feminine Warrior energy in support of soul intention, as Henry has described her, making this factor of optimism and forward-thinking in this First Quarter Moon quite intensely powerful, as well. While this all may seem quite abstract, in more human terms this could show up in the micro-mundane spheres of our daily lives in a myriad of ways. This dynamic configuration could mean healing ancestral wounds, therefore avoiding the passing down of that pain pattern to our children. It could even look like transforming our bad shopping habits into leveraging our power as consumers to support companies and organizations that are committed to protecting the planet. In another related symbolism we could be choosing to dismantle the discourse of hatred and vitriol by using our voices and platforms to spread a message of truth, love, and kindness. Whatever the case may be, there is a dynamic tension right now, inviting us to dismantle and release that which is no longer of service, reweaving our attitudes, beliefs, actions and life choices into a synthesis and transmission of divine harmony and intelligence. The real motif here may well be the complex integration of our inner beliefs and principles with our actual expression out into the external world, which is also magnified by expansive Jupiter’s recent station to retrograde motion, in alignment with Eris and Pluto, bringing a magnifying glass to our inner values and ideals.

Another aspect of this First Quarter Moon configuration is a potent Venus and Neptune conjunction in Pisces, making a trine to the Moon – and a sextile to the South Node/Saturn/Pluto triad. This brings in a softening element to all of the above-mentioned intensity and tension, offering dimensions of faith, compassion, tenderness and empathy. This could also admittedly lend a big dose of escapism to the picture as well, of wanting to leave behind the madness of the world by numbing out, or getting lost and confused around how to navigate the terrain. To harness this energy for your empowerment, one possibility is to bring your awareness into your heart space, and simply feel what’s there, allowing emotions to flow, and connection with others to blossom. And hey, if you find yourself really needing to take a break from it all, give yourself that gift, and give it without a guilt trip. This is a time to offer kindness to yourself and others as we all learn to squeeze ourselves through this collective birth canal into a whole new way of being. May we learn to bridge our divine selves gracefully into the mundane world, and may we find support, connection, and beauty in the wild ride that is our collective evolutionary unfolding.

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